Our mission statement (Mass spec tests included)


Thank you BigMurph :slight_smile:

Dear community, customers and friends alike of UG,
I would like to introduce myself as your sales representative (PuritySourceLabs.ru Team supervisor/sales associate)…
As many of you may know Euro-Pharmacies has long been known for excellent service and attention to detail as well as superior quality with its products.

Euro-Pharmacies/ PuritySourceLabs.ru assures that customers needs are being met…
Representatives like myself are continually striving to meet the needs of our customers, and potential clients alike…

The TEAM here is committed to giving you the kind of service you need and expect…

Our team has been listening to what our customers have to say,and we’re committed to providing you with the unwavering dedication and quality that you need and deserve, and we aim to exceed your expectations each and every single time!

If you have any questions or concerns in regards to our company and services do not hesitate to contact myself of my other Representatives.

Thank you for allowing us to be here…Below we will include Mass Spec tests conducted on most of our products, with more testing underway…We have many great things coming.

Thank you,

Oral line

More to come -


Welcome PSL! Nice to have a verified Euro source. It’s also nice to see you’re carrying the Test U, for guys like myself who are self-medicating due to the shear lack of good, knowledgeable doctors. Also, thank you for posting test results. Having the actual concentration is extremely important for TRT purposes, as you can imagine.
Quick question though, what causes the concentration to be different than what’s stated? Is it inconsistent raw materials, or a shitty scale, or measuring the raws with teaspoons instead of decent gram scales? Finally, if the actual concentration is always different than what’s stated, do you have a range to use as a guide, or is the customer able to verify the concentration of each batch so they can adjust their dose accordingly?

Cheers! And welcome again! I’ll probably be placing an order this week.


First and foremost how are you TBM?

In regards to your question there’s a logical answer here, I’ll try my best not to get to winded!

These tests that were conducted was a blind undercover and at random type of testing… There’s a TV show on most world wide networks known as “Undercover Boss”, where CEO’s and owners of larger corps and franchises dress down and work undercover to see how the team is working and if there is anything that can be fixed and adjusted…

These tests were exactly just that… Due to the sensitivity of the topic I can’t offer to much info, but I will say it was our way to keep an eye on management at our compounding faculties located in EU…

It’s our way to conduct quality control and after these tests were conducted we advised the entire staff that we are always watching, its something that most large corps will conduct to better assure all team member’s are functioning within the standard and guidelines that we implement.

We investigated and confirmed as always suspected that our raws are at the highest purity… Our outsource is like non-other and it’s not a generic supplier on the market like most sources for raws… It’s a private distributor!

Some of the concentrations could have been better managed, but due to high potency and the error marge that is allowed by the mass spec test (a certain % in either direction) these numbers may be over or under, but never sub par… These are the real actually findings from us, as we believe in transparency and we understand that some of these results will be questioned… But, what would that say about our character if we tested until we found the set standard dosages just to provide a sense of false security to our clients? These results will vary with each test, and the same batch can be tested at an entirely different facility and have a different reading…

What you see is the results of our investigation… All products are dosages as labeled with a give or take… Even large pharma will have tests that are not 100% on point…It’s a good target goal but really unrealistic in the big grand scheme… There will always be more or less, but within the set parameters if the compounding team is on point…

Just a fast note: We had some of our sust raws tested and they even came back over 250+++, this was prior to compounding… It can be good or bad for those on self diagnosed TRT but ones numbers won’t be raised to unacceptable numbers with these slightly over dosed compounds, or even slightly under for that matter…



Thanks a million for the detailed response! That makes perfect sense. I’ve sent an email through the PSL website regarding my first order. Looking forward to trying the products. Cheers!