Orthorexia.... Is there a cure?


Can’t believe my eyes…


an obsession with eating foods that one considers healthy.

  • a medical condition in which the sufferer systematically avoids specific foods in the belief that they are harmful.

The western medical machine provides a diagnosis for everything. Oh the suffering of maintaining a healthy lifestyle and diet… SMH


Hahaha wow


What a friggin joke! That shit right there shows why we are the fattest country in the world


We aren’t the fattest but we are definitely the sickest based on all the ridiculous diagnosis’.

I guess the only cure for orthorexia is to die.


Really i thought we were the fattest?


USA is like number 18, but compare the population and quality of life to the others on that list and I’d say we should way higher up in that ranking… just my 2 cents though. I do we are doing a lot better lately as people are becoming more health conscious.


And more pill reliant. :wink:

330 million people in a world population of 8 billion use 85% of the prescription medication.


Holy shit… That’s mind boggling.


Whats even more mind boggling is that the only prescription medications that cure anything is antibiotics. Everything else is only treating a symptom.

Providing a cure does not increase sales but treating a symptom does. Especially ones that are not cured by medication. :wink:




Ha ha tell the fucking VA that


Haha then immediately after they do some dumb shit like cutting you from 80% down to 50%


I have actually had very little problems with them and the compensation I receive… but in this case I feel like I’m the exception, cause I’ve heard some terrible stories from my buddies


I’m guessing you haven’t had a good time with them??


Haha I did, all good though.


Ok good


Damn man no surprise there considering theres a pharmacy on every street corner in every town! Big Pharma runs our country


Of course they dont want you healthy or dead either way there would be no profit for them but keeping you somewhere in the middle :ok_hand:t2: thats where the money is at. Totally sickening! Prob have cures for cancer and AIDS who knows what else