Organon 2ml decca vials from Holland all fake


I was given information that a src deccatest has been offering these vials they are counterfeit. A colleague of mine got a roidtest kit and confirmed that they have decca in them but they are not true pharmacy grade products.
I haven’t seen these 2 ml vials available in years so it raised a red flag. I want all members of to know that you should stay away from this product. If you want pharma grade organon go with the amps from a verified src such as

They have the real organon products shipped straight from a pharmacy.

Be careful brothers there are almost more fakes nowadays then there are legit pharma grade products.

This supplier has been verified to only provide real pharma grade


I’ve got a bunch of these sitting here. They are top notch counterfeits at least by appearance I’m hoping the continence measure up.


Could you post a picture of the vials to show the members how good of counterfeits they really are. I would be much appreciated


From what I’ve ascertained the printing should be somewhat lighter in color. The font on Deca Durablin should be slightly different. The 4 on the front should be open and the 3 on the back should be flat on top as it is on the front. The cap should have a raised stamp on the underside.

This is the best explanation and description Ive been able to find.


The link I shared is old but very helpful. I also did a Roidtest and it was positive for Nandrolone. I’d really like to get any report on how its worked.