On Point!


I just want to let the community know and give some recognition to Pure Raws not only for the extensive list they carry but there customer service is on par with ours and those of you who know us know that thats the staple in good business and the way it should be! they dont beat around the bush and act sketchy, they are punctual and quick in the replys. If anyone here is in the market for some quality raws and fast! then look no further than @pureraws they will most definitely take care of you as they have me and many others.


Hell yeah. Thanks for the review @Iron_Junkie_Labs I always hear good things bout these guys.


Same here. Haven’t had a chance to use 'em have heard they have great products.


Haha yea just gotta give props where its due! These guys definitely know there line of work!


Hmmm I don’t want to read into this to much but maybe are you implying you jus got some uhh I don’t know raw mtren


Probably jus wishful thinking on my part


Lol we got you bro no worries i know you have been waiting eagerly! We will take care of you @John very soon


WOOOOOOOO!! Your the man


Waitin’ on some mtren myself. What concentration you brew your mtren IJL?


2mg/ml brotha! :facepunch:


It is always the happiest thing in the morning when I open my emails to see your good feedback here. Pureraws team will try our best to provide good raws and safe shipping for everyone. Thanks !

email: [email protected]
wickr: gearoids


I have never even researched this stuff. I’ll have to. It’s supposed to be less sides than tren right?


@Fitraver actualy if anything its a more intense version of tren and is only to be used by Veteran users, its best to start with a small dose of .1 ml which is 200mcg of our mtren preworkout to see how you react to it imo.


Oh wait maybe I was Thinking trest. Unless those are the same thing.


No trest is different compound all together, its normally dosed 25-50mg ED for 6-8 weeks. Explosive results :muscle: :boom:


Ty…sounds great.