OmniLabs Suspended From UGM. DO NOT ORDER



UPDATE: This HAS NOT BEEN SATISFIED. It came to my attention yesterday that Omni was wickring members/clients from here that he has sent the package and it was ok to order from him again, however he never did. He did contact the person and myself yesterday saying he wanted to be removed from the board and would give a refund to the person. He stated he would not be mailing the package but instead would provide a refund.

As of this time I checked with the person and No refund has been sent. I will update when the person shows me refund was actually made.


Thank you for taking care of us all beloved


@TrenGod @Fitraver @Bigmurph thank you for everything you guys do to make this site the shit!!! Much respect and love to you guys :facepunch:t2:


I very much appreciate that bro I really do and everybody else does also because we really try to work as hard as we can to make sure that everyone at UGM is safe and at a good place


You guys all deserve the kudos! Ive never seen mods at any site that interact so positively with all members and are so welcoming and helpful! You guys truly set a new high standard and have created the best site ive ever been part of :metal:t2:


Thanks everyone that truly means a lot to all of us here.


Man customs has been tight this last 8mos or so but ive always told ppl when i was out of stock and dont take pre orders.


Yea he gladly took the money and is still holding.


You’ve got some long history, Fill.
Years if honesty with your customers.

I wonder how often src do these exit scams just to rebrand and start fresh


I hope that he gets back I hate seeing this. It really upsets me that we really put in work to verify and then things like this happen. I guess its bound to happen but im going to need to tighten up and keep a closer eye on the VERIFIED SRC tags.
We might have to make some changes



Hes not @Bigmurph. He told people he shipped the Raws which he didn’t. He said last Sunday he would refund money via bitcoin still nothing and now won’t reply to messages. Scum bag


Yeah thats really bad because you know how serious I take verified src tags. I believe that the verified src tags are going to change.
I need to talk with you and the rest of the staff about a new idea I have. Everyone sources and members there are changes coming.
I will hit you up this weekend @PHD @Fitraver
I want to discuss a new idea I have and of course I value all your opinions.
I will also be in contact with a couple of our @Source
@VIP members I will be intouch with you also im thinking about making a big change I will keep everyone updated.
Thanks for your help with this

@TrenGod I just wanted to tag you in on this. Im going to hit you up later also but im going to get a few different opinions from everyone first.

I will keep this community safe it is extremely important to me. This will not keep happening and im going to make sure that the community is always the best no less.


@Bigmurph I just have a few curious questions.

  1. After what this source has done based on the information you had when you posted this why would you even consider allowing to source to return?

  2. I have no information concerning your verification process but if it as intensive as you believe wouldn’t allowing them to return be placing members in double jeopardy?

Thank you for increased diligence in keeping an eye on our verified sources.


He was never allowed back in he was private messaging members from another email or contact saying he could take orders that he took care of the issue. It was brought to @TrenGod attention and that’s why he made his comment that they are still banned.


@PHD My questions were in response to @Bigmurph statement-

“I hope that he gets back I hate seeing this.”

He posted this, I believe at that time, based on the information he had and you clarified in a later reply. I wanted to know why he felt that way when he posted it.


As PHD said. Hes not coming back on here. A few reports came in that hes using another messenger to tell members/customers hes gotten from here, that he mailed the package and everything is caught up and ok. Thats a downright lie and one of numerous lies hes been saying.


I think hes referencing the refund Omni stated he was sending a week ago.


Ok. I am a slow row but that makes perfect sense.

Again, grateful for @Bigmurph increased diligence commitment on the subject of verified sources.

Stay Frosty.