Olympia 2018 Live Stream



Whose tuning in tonight? I definitely will be.


I’ll be at the gym lol. Spoiler alert Phil wins again lol


Haha man I’m more interested in classic after prejudging. My gym will stream it lol, so either way I’ll catch parts of it.


@PHD did you see Shawn Rhoden?? I personally think he looks better than everyone else at this point


Jesus does Shawn look amazing … only one that may give Phil a run … ridiculous conditioning!!


Yes I did he looks insane. But damn Phil’s back is fucking nuts. I personally hate Phil and met him at nationals years ago he’s a fucking prick.
I hope Rhoden beats him but most likely won’t. Phil’s abs look worse this year.


@PHD He lifts at my gym when he is in town visiting the Jim Manion…saw him a few weeks back… although he always lifts in a sweatshirt … he looked insane in person … Phil’s best conditioning in 2-3 years


Agree on the abs… 3 hernia surgeries


His back is unreal and his hams. I bet he’s insane in person. I use to lift at Brandon Curry’s Home gym for years and he’s just insane in person. But humble and nicest funniest guy you will ever meet


Phils gut will eventually be his downfall and I don’t even follow that closely


Becareful with the politics but talk about it just respectfully. Remember everyone is welcome here.


You’re absolutely right bro, his back is fucking nuts. I’ve never met the guy other than seeing him around Denver very briefly but I wouldn’t doubt it. And as for Curry he just seems like a very stand up guy, and highly underrated.


I was just looking at these. Guys Rhoden may give Heath a run for his money


I’l have to stream it as soon as my wife lays down to feed the baby!