Old guy back in the game after 4 1/2 years


Lmao! That makes 2 of us broski! Im a fat kid inside too! Love food almost as much as i love pussy :cat: lol


Ha ha yup


That’s actually a great question
Which do you crave more on cycle food or women?
I guess it depends on the cycle lol
Im leaning towards food.
Is that bad? Lol


Its 50/50 for me lol


Hmmm good question @Bigmurph I lean towards wanting the ever present nights sweat to stop,or kicking the shit out of one of my sisters boyfriends(I have 3) while on cycle


That’s a really really good question! Tough call


You still beating up your sister’s boyfriend’s lol
Mine finally settled down and got married thank God


Ha ha actually no, but I feel the need to drop hints about my never ending dedication to my sisters and what I’m willing to do for them…