Old guy back in the game after 4 1/2 years


“Stardog” by the way if anyone can remember where that comes from you win !!:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::us:


Gotcha I was just curious because I was at er back then as BIGMURPH also. Just curious if we ever crossed paths.
Well welcome to ugm I like eroids but this is a much better community


Welcome to the board.


Welcome brother!


Hey @rnmuscle what is a ramen sandwhich, I been to jail and I been to Iraq, and ate ramen in both, but have yet to eat a ramen sandwhich, so please enlighten me


:joy::joy::joy::joy: sounds like a county hookup


I’ve eaten and still love ramen! Thank you for going to stand up for all of us in Iraq and for doing your time for whatever our social contract deemed a criminal act. I’ve never had the opportunity yet to do either. I just heard about it and many other recipes from some guys and actually just looked up how to make one on 23 and 1 you tube. Actually a talented artist…ramen cooked as hot as you can get it with the tools you might have. Let it sit. It actually unfolds if your careful and then put all the stuff in it and fold it back over…yummy. Just popped in my head. Sorry if it offended your OG feelings. Like I said I never did either of those things. Much respect.


Appreciate the shout out bro! I do try my very best to beast out best i can! After 20 years i damn well best be a beast Lol we are all trying to be the best versions of ourselves here at UGM and with all the experience and help from our fellow iron brothers we shall all achieve our goals :muscle:t2::metal:t2:


Ha ha ok got it… unfortunately I still eat them on the occasion


Yup hook-up sounds about right


I was kind of wondering that myself- Didn’t ask though- thought it my be some kind of UGM “secret handshake” thing


Lol I saw the ramen sandwich and laughed because i’ve actually made these enough at my house a few years ago, my wife thought I was crazy for making a ramen sandwich but when your hungry they are awesome!


Never had one but sounds like something super delish!


Ha ha Well @cjw1 now ya know a ramen sandwhich is a ramen soup plus WHATEVER you throw in from your cabinets, so most guys with that whole disciplined eating thing wouldn’t touch it, but I will. WOOOOOO!!!


Yeah it is @josh it is bro


Yes it is @MBTJR1980 my piehole loves that garbage, I’m a 378 lb fat slob, in a 198 lb body


Ramen brings back bad memories can’t eat it ever. Well unless I was back on forced vacation and had a bag of doritos and wanted to make a pie. Lol
Bad times smh


Best for pre workout… Great pumps from the 80 grams of sodium. Does it have an expiration date? :grin: the only stuff that never went up in price either! I may be off here but doesn’t the Hispanic population have something similar but the actually pour the packets in their mouths straight!


Say whaaaaaaaaaat


Really lol
El pollo loco ramen lol
That 80g of sodium gets that bp banging