Old guy back in the game after 4 1/2 years


Hello- I’m cjw1; I’ve been part of this world for many years; However I’ve been away for the past 4 1/2, so I’m starting all over again. Looking forward to it. I’m a 56 year old lab rat so this will be an interesting trip. I always documented my cycles online before, so we’ll see what happens this time.






Welcome to the forum bud!


Welcome to UGM



Welcome to ugmuscle.com brother interested in hearing about your plans


Welcome brotha


Welcome back …


Welcome to the forum bro we are only as old as we allow ourselves to feel! At 38 i feel like im at my best ive ever been def strongest ive ever been :metal:t2:


Welcome back bro


Ya, I agree- I just like to play that "old guy " shit. Had a moment of bad judgment and had some consequences . Before, I was on eroids ,Outlaw Muscle , WCBB. Shopped around the boards and this one looked good. Thanks for the welcome.


You don’t have to answer but what’s your tag on eroids I started at eroids and I actually pop in still like 2x a month just to see what’s happening


same as here- cjw1- its no longer active - I tried , but there doesn’t seem to be a way to contact them to remedy. I was last on in the winter of '13/'14. I had a safemail email. I’ve been out of pocket for almost 5 years and am running off memory


Lol i get it bro :wink:


Well here we don’t give a shit if you’ve been on a stretch or eating a ramen sandwich. You’ll be back in no time. Just don’t pay attention to @MBTJR1980 the day after 45 is when you can’t bend over to pick up those friggin rack pulls…young buck! Actually he’s and everyone here is a bit different than other boards you’ll remember. @MBTJR1980 is a beast!!


I am still pulling but deads are the death of me. :wink:


I loved deads but after my last “mishap” it would be a stiff dead!!! I bought a roller and other strong massagers to break up scare tissue. My " massagers " have seemed to disappear​:girl::girl: Go ahead I set u up for a nice comment…make it good I need to laugh this time of year!!!:bomb:


Ya , my knees are shot, rack pulls and leg presses are all that’s left :cry:


I do too…just to laugh or see if there’s any buy one get 3 specials…:wolf: