Ok..i am sorry but i need to avoid you ASAP!


…late night cravings…

i want to have no or get rid or stop hunger after 9…i have been getting these craves and some times i try to avoid andni have a restless night so i end up getting up at 3 am eating something…then i can sleep…any suggestions?

i am about to embark on a new 30 day fitness deal and i need to stop this… yestetday… my schedule makes it very tough so any idea of supplements or a supplement that I could take that really helps that will be greatly appreciated I may even use it as an agent the day to kind of help give me that extra boost to curb hunger it’s never easy to go into the fasting diet as I’ve not been on it since the end of January and now I need to get back on it right away so I need something that could help boost this whole agenda…

so what stuff have you used?


What type of foods are you craving and/or usually choose to eat on your late night ventures?


Just wake up and eat a bag of broccoli lol tbh man there are items that people say help with hunger but at the end of the day it just comes down to saying no and having the will power. You’re not gunna wake up and take some pill and have that fix your issue.


well…i tried will…but aparently he was hungry too!! :rofl::rofl::rofl: i try…but the problem is i cannot sleep so what happens is i am not rested and my progress slows…so like the idea of eating a bunch of brocolli is perfect actually…also a sleep aid that would knock my ass out is great…but…i will do that…just have huge salads on hand with no meat…once i feel satisfied or my mind says i ate something…i actually sleep


Honestly man, coming from someone who was previously obese due to my own choices. It really just comes down to how bad you want, the minute I stopped making excuses and looking for the easy way out… i.e pills, fat burners etc and make a conscious decision to leave it all behind, that’s when I made progress. Now please don’t read this and think I’m saying you’re making excuses but I’m just speaking from my personal experience. Keep grinding bro.


well like the almonds…i would jave like 3 handfulls every time i wake up because crave wakes me…too much almonds will cause weight to get stagnant…been there before when i was told by this lady who was all of 100 lbs wet…said of a great snack that she takes is a hand full of almonds a fee times a day and its great!..so i did that and a 5 lbs bag of almond with 3 handfulls a day…was done in a week and a half!..

well…i didnt compare that i have gorilla hands compared to her dainty hands which can barely fit 6 almonds…i was grabbing close to 30 at a time :joy::joy::joy::joy:


then i would also drink a couple water bottles of low calorie drink mix…to have a lil sugar


yes…i know…but it will take a week and a half to two for my body to adjust…i dont have that time because its a 30 deal…and every day counts…i can say no…yes…if there wasnt a time frame of 30 days…i am the type that can stoo stuff immediately and endure the withdrawals…like i get severe head aches with sugar with drawal that happend for a couple weeks usually then i am fine…but because this is such a short deal was looking for ootions that would help…and i was like. duh!..ofcourse what @Fitraver suggested would be perfect! lol!


Almonds are extremely calorie dense. That’s a bad choice haha. Fibrous veggies will pretty much not do shit calorie wise. Your body has to work harder to digest them than they have calories. And they’re filling. Smash some brocoli if you must eat. Def not almonds haha


yes this is what i will do. :smiley::smiley::smiley::smiley: Love that idea…i will go buy an acre of broccoli this evening​:grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning: :rofl::rofl::rofl:…well exaggerating…

a little


Understood bro, and I agree @Fitraver 's suggestion was definitely a good one.


Don’t go too ham lol just have a couple cups. No Fuckin ranch!! :joy::joy::joy:


:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: i wont


Try a tablespoon or 2 of cocnut oil, will help supress your appetite or at least it works for me


It def comes down to how bad you want it man! During contest prep id be so fkn ravenous hungry id look at food like a drug but i wanted to win more than i wanted to eat! To get to 3.5% bf is harder than anything you can imagine but i did it because i set my mind to it and wouldnt allow anything to stop me thats how you have to approach it life or death if you want it bad enough than nothing will get in the way. The mind is by far the strongest muscle we have! Stay strong and get after it bro :facepunch:t2:


love it!..very true :rofl::rofl: for sure :smiley::smiley:


So you’ve have done well in your quest over the past year. Lost fat, lbs and only you know you. All the catch phrases and songs and dances, well it sounds good, if its presented well. You are on a journey. I remember you would not go to the gym . your setup is good…but that wasn’t your reason. Each day is a blank slate. Here’s what I’ve noticed and my no means are these impossible hurdles. To the contrary…you started from way back of the pack, look back on your early posts, polish buffet, weird hours, talking to family and missing workouts, pain issues, might be on different meds…so really overall you have progressed . none of this is cookie cutter. You would have eaten boiled chicken and asparagus the past year and wouldn’t have a dilemma. Sleep is more important than 100 grams of carbs, 200 even . u remember maybe I told you for no show did I give up my 24oz half fake caramel coffee with half real coffee just like daily for any show and still won. If that was gonna take me down…so be it. QT crack!!!LOL. I couldn’t sleep w/o carbs too. I had different schedules and was lucky but I remember one year getting off work at 11pm and posing for a half hour hard all 12 weeks going home and eating grits with peanut butter and couple handful of trail mix. Passing out , up at 530…cardio…go back to pass out. Up at 915 train, eat, drug , sleep or something…no carbs , just pow and the big bowl of non nutrient grits at midnight and sugar coffee at work 245 to 11. Point is it isn’t black and white especially if you go a l isn’t the posing dais. Now, if you don’t do anything and get some food for comfort and sleep…you know that outcome. Plus, I’m not talking complete and utter shit…you’ll get there. Where ever “there” is.


BEAUTIFULLY…put! :clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::muscle::muscle::muscle::muscle:

i will. thats for sure :smiley::smiley::smiley::smiley:


Melted velveeta perhaps…


Ranch dressing is actually an EXCELLENT choice if an individual is on a ketoghenic diet like @fitstudboi is practicing. I make my own using a combination of olive, avocado and MCT oils. Primal Kitchens makes an avocado oil version as well.