Nutribullet/Blender recepies?


Hey guys I wanted to reach out to the community and see if anyone has some good recipes for blending? My wife got me a Nutribullet and a Ninja pro blender for Christmas and I really want to start putting these bad boys to work. So if you maybe have some tips or recipes you personally like to use I would love to hear about them. Thanks fam!


In for this, I have the ninja set sitting around and never really use them. Could definitely use some recipes as well. If I come across any, I’ll be sure to share.


I used to make protein smoothies with frozen fruit and yogurt with milk awhile back with the original came out probably lol but i stopped using powdered protein.
That’s the only thing I actually ever used it for.


I try to stay away from protein powders as well, I think tonight I’m gonna try and whip something up with eggwhites, bananas, penutbutter and oatmeal. I’ll keep posted here on how it turns out


There is a shake that a guy named Viking used to make that was like 100g of protein and a crazy amount of macros in just one shake that he would drink post work out.
I know that there are solid recipes out there I wish I had one for you.
I will try to find out that recipe if I can locate it


This is it

Viking Mass Gaining Shake
500 ml of whole milk
1 cup of oatmeal
2 scoops of whey
2 tbs of almond butter
1 banana

Calories: 1,006 Protein: 84
Pussies Need Not Apply Shake
1 can of tuna and 1 can of your favorite soda

Blend together and down that bitch.

3 a day will give an extra 100 g of protein
Wanna Get Ripped?
Carb window 7 a.m. to 2 p.m.
After 2 p.m. NO carbs of any kind
This should only be done for about 4 weeks.
200 lb male should stay around 100 g of Carbs.


Awesome! I’m definitely gonna give this one a go! Only thing I might change is the tuna for chicken


Let me know how it is


“Pussies need not apply” :joy::joy: that shake sounds intense… soda and tuna?!


Im a pussy lol its definitely not for me lol


Lol same here bro


I guess I ain’t a pussy :joy::joy: it’s probably gonna be one of those things where you just close your eyes and down the hatch it goes


Definitely let us know how it goes especially with the chicken. The chicken sounds better than tuna.


So last night I did 8 eggwhites, 1 banna, 1 cup oatmeal,1 tbsp penutbutter, 1/4 cup almonds, 1% lactose free milk and ice. Came out amazing. Tonight I will be trying the Viking Mass Shake, lol, to be honest I’m a little intimidated.


That’s a great way to bulk and add a ton of nutrition quickly.
With it being liquid do you feel like it fills you up?
Is it harder to eat after taking down a shake like that?
I saw the post about that shake probably 5yrs ago and I remembered it because ive always been interested in trying to put down alot in just a small drink. I just never got into it.
Loading up with eggs and real food instead of the powder is what im really interested in


I’m personally loving doing these shakes now with whole foods. I’m getting alot if macros in just a 20oz shake that I can put down in a few minutes. Leaves me nice and full. These really shine for me post work out because my appetite is in the basement after training. Right now I’m currently going to be doing 2 shakes a day, 1 post workout and 1 before bed all while still putting down 3-4 meals through out the day. I’m in the range of 5200 cals a day.


That’s putting down alot. Keep it going big gains come from big eating.
Maybe I will give it a shot next go around trying to squeeze in extra macros with some shakes.


That’s awesome man, I’ll give your recipe a try. Not the Viking one though haha