Now Accepting other Payment options


We are now accepting Western Union and Moneygram for payments. Any questions please email us. For current prices and instock items go to our website at


Thanks for the update @MPG and it is great to see you pop in!


Thank you. We heard a few people had problems with bitcoin and with the prices changing all the time we decided to go back old school with other options.


Site looks amazing now.


They are still running their TestC and TestE sale.



Just saw this😁


Hey we also have over 70kits of HGH in US stock! @PHD can tell how the product is.


Really amazing gh. I tested it back during summer and tested at 37. I’m currently off just because wanted a break from all gear and gh but about to start back up in next week or two. Highly recommend and service is super quick no dealing with customs


This is perfect for you @rnmuscle. I know how you are always misplacing all your bitcoins. :wink:


And you can’t beat the price at that quality.


MPG products are good. Just got mine and started back up my original cycle. no knots, no nothing. Just wanted to say thanks @MPG.


Lately they have just been disappearing literally :sob::crazy_face:


I’m not getting hurt by it. An acre is always an acre and an ounce is always an ounce.


Nice to hear. Good gear shouldnt have pip or bad knots.


It’s a conspiracy so I get small😁


Your allowed a break…you deserve it.