Notice of a little time off!


Im going to take this weekend off to spend with my dad and recover from this hernia! Feel free to order! Next weekend I will be gone from Friday and returning Sunday, business will resume Monday! Taking my family to the coast and relax! Some dont know but my father has stage 4 lung cancer and I will be spending time with him every weekend that I can. It still will not slow down and orders from going out so have no fear!

Best Regards,



Number one priority, my brother. There is no stage 5. I’m sure all the customers will understand. Make memories!


Always brother! It wont interfere with shipments. We will just utilize the weekend to pickup funds and produce product at night. Come Monday all we have to do is pick the orders, pack and done! Get ahead of the orders to come. We have found it easier for the week if we spend a few hours at night on the weekend making product! Not only that it gives time for new batchs like t.b. and others that like to crash so easy time to sit so we know they are g2g.