Night sweats... from EQ?


Just wondering if night sweats are a side that anybody has experienced off of EQ? I have run tren before and know how those night sweats can be, but am curious about the night sweats from boldenone undecylenate! About 6 weeks into cycle I started noticing a greater increase nightly in night sweats (not as bad as i’ve experienced from tren), it’s tolerable but definitely irritating enough at night to wake me up…
Currently @ 400mg/wk


I got mild night sweats most nights on 600mg of EQ but nothing like the drenched bed tren night sweats I’ve had before.

I also had the worst acne on my back, chest and neck. It was so bad I cut my use very short at around 8 weeks.

Wish I didn’t break out so bad. I had great pumps on EQ and was more vascular.


I actually get night sweats from anything that I run. As soon as I start to raise my testosterone levels I start to get really bad dreams and night sweats.
Im not sure if its an actual side effect from any certain compound or if its just an individual side effect that I get.


I don’t think it would be so bad if it didn’t wake me up! But good to know that others experience it as well with EQ or other compounds and it wasn’t just me


I get night sweats and bad dreams from everything I’ve used


Well so far i’ve got night sweats from everything i’ve used also, but this is my first run with Boldenone Undecylenate im really enjoying it as a compound! Hopefully in a few more weeks I will be able to post up some before and after pic in my log!


hmmmmm i did not think to correlate these two factors but i am also sweating my ass off in my sleep and i’m on the Q … anxiety has been a MFer also


I have recently seen a couple of posts about anxiety and eq?
I know that it raises bp through blood thickening. Is anxiety also a factor in the high bp from eq?


Elevated BP can give the impression of anxiety.


I read that eq can actually decrease GABA levels in the brain which can cause us to have anxiety


Is it the compound boldenone that effects gaba receptors in the brain?
I know that the gaba receptors are what benzodiazepines effect helping with anxiety disorder.
You caught my curiosity🤔


Good question


on a study done on rats in brazil they concluded that rats given a higher dose of boldenone or winny had increased oxidative stress than rats given half or 1/4 the doses for longer periods of time … i’m not sure these compounds actually decrease GABA or can just change how it’s released since AAS may effect our brain/ cns in ways we haven’t been able to study yet.!po=0.602410


So just briefly reading that, I’m now curious about the memory! So do any of you feel that the use of Boldenone or Winny (or any other compound) has caused memory issues? Does cause? Temporary/ permanent?


What? Can you ask that again? I forgot the question.

Don’t sweat the small stuff. I guarantee the other things the average person puts into their bodies is having more of a negative impact on brain function than the use of anabolic steroids… processed foods, alcohol, sugar, recreational drugs, etc.


I can attest to that


idk how rats enjoy test prop injections but they said test p/ winny / bold definitely increased aggression in them. maybe they were just pissed they had some PIP


I posted a little while back about the build up of plaque in the brain from compounds.
They were in the article actually talking about a medication that they have to clear the plaque from the brain also. I believe that this effect does happen but at what level im not sure and not even sure if it’s at a level that would significantly effect memory and brain function.


I remember seeing that post! Good read also