Newest arrival. Just a part of the tools in the toolbox


Provide you proof because you are NOT going to be allowed to make false accusations about the staff at UGM.


Im not too tech savvy and I’ll be glad to dig threw my months of conversations… which I will post to you in a PM and not in a thread


@josh No PM … You need to post it openly. I also suggest you have all the information to provide proof of such an accusation.


Phd is chiming in… and im pretty sure you guys are about to ban me so I’ll stop…


@josh. Staff never kept quiet. The facts are people posted false reviews about home while he went behind our backs and offered things to keep people
Quiet. Even you went on after you talked badly about him and kissed his ass in a post talking about how responsive he was and made everything ok. I for one and @trengod and @SemperFi all voiced our opinions. So you are speaking falsely here


But im not making false accusations about any staff member


You most certainly are.

Follow your own advice bro…take a break from the forum for the night.


That’s awesome bro, I’ll have to give these guys a chance sometime.