Newest arrival. Just a part of the tools in the toolbox




Idk what it is about this set up and labeling but it’s sexy.


:star_struck::star_struck: Those goodies looks really good :ok_hand:


I agree, something about that yellow tint with tren ace! Gets me excited for my next cycle :slightly_smiling_face:


Im thinking it’s the clear labels. I like to see product!


Just curious if you have used a roidtest on these products?




Do you plan to?




Any reason not to?




That much trust?


Yep. I have ‘in the know’ information concerning EU products from several individuals I trust. Also I have quite a bit of experience with every supplement. The test cup is easy to figure out and a simple total t blood draw with prove it. MENT is MENT and it has a unique feeling and since it is a short ester it is already telling me what I need to know (roidtest does not make a kit for Trestolone). TrenA is trenA… enough said. The only one that would even be a concern is Primobolan but I have used enough of it that I think I will know.

I am not trying to come off cocky at all but I am an old man bro. I know my limitations, I know what I can accomplish and I KNOW that steroids are not the answer to what I want to accomplish this final run. My days are numbered so my head is down and I am completely focused on the next 16 weeks.

I may for the communities benefit @ROIDTEST the primo but it won’t be any time soon.


Love your response


Just to let everyone know… there is no label. The lettering is printed directly on the vial. Vials come in a box with product pamphlet insert. They got a legit set up for product presentation.

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Not every item needs to be tested if you want to spend your money on it fine do that and keep testing ilj stuff while at it lol


Agreed but since ugm sponsored an event about being safe it would make sense to me that gear gets tested! Regardless of who it is because as in the IJL case that members put so much trust into and got burnt ( while “staff” kept quiet) all while waiting for members to voice their opinion on open threads…
I know im going to get roasted on my response, but so be it


Where the heck are you getting that from? You better have proof to back that up because you just pissed me off!


It’ll be a lot of digging from responses but I got it! I don’t talk shit and you guys know this!