I personally wouldn’t run an oral only cycle. Best first cycle with low side effects would be a low dose test. 400-500 mg per week and youll be very pleased


Thanks Swole88.
Should I be concerned about estrogen/gyno?
Do I need to take ai’s?


Everyone is different, however, I’d start with a small dose or arimidex. .25 everyother days shoud be just fine on that dose.


Are there good videos to help with injections?
How do I know what needle gauge to get, how far to insert, etc?
Ive narrowed my choices to test or equipoise.
What are your thoughts?
Also, what about a test and anavar combo?


Yes there are good videos, I can’t remember off hand. I personally use a 25ga for everywhere I pin


Insert it so the full metal pin in is the muscle


@capkeller it’s not an either or issue in my mind. Virtually every steroid in existence will at some degree suppress your natural testosterone production. EQ is not overly suppressive on paper but if you choose EQ over testosterone what are you going to do to replace the natural testosterone you are going to lose when running EQ?

Choosing anything combined with testosterone for a first cycle is not my advice. If you experience bad side effects how are you going to know which compound is causing it? Get some experience from a test only cycle is my advice. You will be pleasantly surprised what a simple 10-12 week cycle of testosterone will do.

Get a PCT plan together and in hand before making the jump.

Food for thought.


Maybe he didn’t mean or…?


Yeah you can find all kinds of videos on proper injection techniques.

Like said below, I also prefer 25g.

I’d stick with just a basic test e cycle at 500 mg per week, divided into two shots.


Yes, ive studied arimidex.


500mg per week, meaning inject 250 on Monday, and 250 on Friday?


Adex is an AI. PCT is Post Cycle Therapy to recover your natural hormone production once the cycle is complete.

It can be overwhelming for sure and we all started at the beginning so keep adding to your knowledge.


So, what recommendations would you have?
Should I do adex during test cycle?


Unfortunately, I am currently the biggest (best in shape) guy at my gym, so I have nobody to go to…


Nolva or clomid for PCT?


Exactly! Like semperFi has stated too, I’d use a small dose of adex. I personally use .5 every 3rd day or so. Also, for your PCT I’d use clomid and nolvadex. Don’t start pct until at least 10days after your last shot.

I’d do


Thanks man.
Anyone know how to use bitcoin/which site is easiest?


Can you clarify the 100/40 and 50/20



Your PCT cycle should be at least 4 weeks long and begins 10-14 days after your last injection if you were using TestE or TestC

Week 1: Clomid 100mg Every Day (ED), Tamoxifen (Nolvadex) 40mg ED
Week 2: Same as Week 1
Week 3: Clomid 50mg ED, Nolvadex 20mg ED
Week 4 : Same as Week 3

Before running your steroid cycle you will want to get baseline blood work done. I recommend a full male hormone panel. You will want to have blood work done again mid cycle. You then need to have post cycle therapy blood work done 3-5 weeks after you complete PCT.

Mid cycle blood work can be limited to E2, Total T and I recommend adding lipids and PSA just to be safe.

Post cycle blood work should again be a full male hormone panel in my opinion.

Monitor you blood pressure regularly and take corrective action as needed.


SemperFi said exactly what I would say!