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What would you recommend for a 42 year old “newbie”?


New to deca? If so I’d recommend NPP way over deca. The great thing about running npp is that if you do experience unwanted side effects it will clear your system much quicker.


I agree with swole, also keep in mind that that it usually comes in smaller mg/ml and is a fast eater so all that equals more pinning per week,but it’s worth it in my opinion


Any reliable/legit domestic sources?
MG/ML per day/week?


And, new to juice all together.
Gym rat all my adult life, just tired of 2-3 hour workouts with little gains.
Looking for something safe (as safe as an oral can be).
Do I need ancillarie with NPP?
Any gyno expected?


Have you ran a test only cycle yet? If you haven’t I would start there, you’ll see impressive gains off of 500 a week. With test you’d need an AI. If running a 19nor it’s best to keep either some caber or prami on hand. 19nors can really mess with your prolactin levels


Npp is not a oral…


Id try a test only cycle before even considering deca or npp. You can make great gains off of 400-500mgs of test a week.


I would reccomend starting with testosterone enanthate and arimidex then a solid pct.
If you plan on running test for the rest of your life start with testosterone enanthate and get bloodwork at wk 5 see where your numbers come back at then control your estrogen levels with nolvadex or a aromatase inhibitor if needed.
Once you know how your body reacts to this then you can move forward trying other compounds.
I reccomend to read everything you possibly can to understand how all the compounds that you Will use work.
If you have any questions hit me up anytime im always here to help


Any good domestic sources?
How/where do I get points, and what length/diameter?


Been looking at
Know much about them?


Depends everyone reacts different
I would run npp if I had to choose and have caber if needed.
You might be overdue it in the gym I workout for around 45 minutes 5-6days a wk
2-3hrs is gruelling also your diet what is your daily intake how many meals how much fats carbs protiens


I know that there not verified


How do I find a verified domestic source?


22g to pull 3ml already to go box of 100
25g just pins bd precision glide
That should do you good of course alchol pads and or wipes


Verified srcs
Or we also have dedicated src categories which are in blue


Which are domestic, or fastest shipping?


How do I get access to ironjunkie? Do they still have the test flash sale?


I am going to offer you the very best advice I can. Slow down. Thus is not a sprint and based on your posts you need to get some basic education under your belt before getting gear in order. You don’t want to be putting the cart before the horse and end up making foolish mistakes like many of us did. Just like others have advised you need to be looking at a simple testosterone cycle in my opinion but first get all the knowledge you can before ordering anything.

Steroids are serious business. There is a right way and a wrong way to go about planning your very first cycle. Due diligence will pay you back in spades.


Yes, thank you for that advice.
Im a HS educator and a single dad, so safety is of utmost importance.
What about a safe oral just to get started?