Newbie. Looking for input


Hello all. I am curious about testosterone. I’ve taken test c before and want to know what would be best for me. I have low t and want to increase sex drive, energy levels etc. (if I get some muscle increase that would def be a bonus, but not my main goal). What type of test do you recommend, and how much how often? Thanks.


Have you been to the trt doctor yet?

Welcome to UGM brother I just wanted to see if you have gotten bloodwork because to say how much to take would depend on that.
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I got it done at the va. Roughly 450 ng/dL. It’s low but not low enough for them to prescribe me something.

Thanks brother.


@Tredizzel17 welcome to UGM. A typical replacement dose of testosterone for TRT is 150-200mg/week using TestC. The protocol also will include the aromatize inhibitor Arimidex dosed at .5mg 2X per week. Depending on your age some individuals will choose to use HCG to mitigate testicular atrophy. Blood donations every 8 weeks are typically recommended.

Everything above is individually based and requires regular blood work to adjust to the dosing protocol that works for the individual.

I recommend seeing an ND that specializes in TRT before self prescribing. A self hack to reduce your testosterone blood serum levels before you have your initial blood draw is to drink a can of coke. This will reduce your serum levels of testosterone by as much as 25%. That might be enough to make you a TRT candidate. Once you have 6-12 months under medical supervision you should have gained enough experience to self prescribe.

If you have any other questions don’t hesitate to post them.


Tough choice to make at an existing level of 450 ng/dl

keep in mind this is a one way journey for the most part and a life long commitment.

You need to do a TON of research if you want to be your own Dr. there is a lot of things to factor in to a TRT program.

If you can afford to, go to a TRT clinic. If youre poor than read and read and read some more before jumping on the program.


Right on @Burrr. I will add to that by saying TRT is not a magic bullet to better health but in many cases does lead to the individual making positive decisions in other areas of their life that allows TRT to be more beneficial. TRT is just a link in the chain for a healthy lifestyle.


Never cease to amaze me with all the practical info you possess brother! You truly are a gift to this site :wink:


I ain’t that smart… Can’t even program my smartphone! I am pissed right now because I don’t know how to change the apps that are displayed on my home screen. Threw the phone across the room and that didn’t help. :wink:



HAAAAAHAAAA!! That is awesome man! Are you taking tren?? Throwing the smartphone def wont help change the apps displayed on home screen :wink: i have to tell you that i have the same terrible lack of patience when i cant fig shit out! Im no better with technology but maybe one of these youngsters can hop in to help out


Hey Top, might I suggest you do what I do when it comes to phones, laptops and tablets, hand it to the woman and say I don’t know what I’m doing, and I love you, so could you fix it please… she never says no


Totally agree with @John, that usually does the trick at my house!


Tren makes me warm and fuzzy… So, no tren. I was just born in the wrong century!


I dont do tren either but i just got some 1-test cyp from my boy @Iron_Junkie_Labs t/a was 2 days ill be adding it into my cycle of eod shots of test400 and 200mg npp. Never ran it b4 so really looking forward to the experience :metal:t2:


Is it holding because im going to be ordering some myself?


Hey @MBTJR1980 I never ran it either, what were u think of running per week and how long?


Its slightly crashed but that doesnt bother me at all knowing that @Iron_Junkie_Labs has nothing but the best! Plus heating it up makes it flow that much smoother.


Im gonna do 200mgs eod so 700mgs a week. Ill be adding it to @UNITED test400 and npp200 eod also


And you haven’t ran it before let me know how it goes brother I am interested in results, sides, the good, the bad please


Damn right i will brotha ill test it out for us and keep you posted should be fun cant wait


I got a few on hand to try at some point from out mutual friend @Iron_Junkie_Labs