Newbie here! Looking to learn


What’s up guys! New to this forum, but not others. I would like to take a moment and thank bigmurph for the invite. Just a man here who is looking to expand what little knowledge I have and to help people not make the same mistakes I did! I hope to learn a lot from this forum and the community :slight_smile:




What’s up brother glad to have you around here.
Welcome to only the best sponsors and members


Welcome aboard brotha!


Welcome, I have learned more on here in 10 months then I had learned the previous two years, don’t be afraid to ask ANYTHING


Loving it

The only dumb question is the one that didn’t get asked



Thank you!


I’m not short on questions I promise you that! But thank you for the welcome :slight_smile:


Thanks Raphael!


Thanks man! I plan on seeing what this place provides.


It provides me almost 24hrs a day lol
Im always here to help brother hit me up anytime really anything your girl is pissing you off hit me up your estrogen is high and your depressed hit me up got a question about posting hit me up got a great picture of a bad ass naked big tits chick hit me up ASAP lol

Party like a rockstar
Fuck like a pornstar
Lift like a MONSTAR


Welcome to the board!


Hey brother, welcome to UGM!


Welcome…I m new to the board as well


Welcome to the board.


Welcome buddy