Newbie guy to the site


Hello everyone, thank you for all the welcome emails. I appreciate it very much.
Im 51, been training for a few years til i hit 48 when i had a truck accident(i use to drive semi-trucks).
Just started hitting the weights as part of recovery. I have about 2 yrs of using gear. Light cycles, just enough to keep my old ass functioning.
I found this forum when i was checking reviews on landmarkchem. Thank you guys for that same me some money.
Anyway , i look forward hanging out here and thanks again to everyone


Thanks for a proper intro man. Welcome to the board.


Thank you sir. I appreciate the forum. Alot of info.
Nice to see people looking out for each other.


:+1:t2: Welcome aboard


Thank you


Welcome brother





Thank you,nice sand trap!


Welcome brotha, any questions feel free to ask!


Welcome- you’ll like it here


I appreciate it


Thanks, Im loving all the knowledge from here.


And again welcome, no wrong questions here, I consider this place my “internet family”


Welcome brother!


Welcome to brother if you need anything hit me up


Welcome to the board.
Lots of great info here.
I’m here daily learning and researching.




Welcome to the forum brother!


Diggin the new Avatar man!