Newbie cycle for trial run


I believe thst you need to take a step back to look at your current practices of training, eating, training, rest ect. To me if you arent making progress all these years than you have to be doing some of the essentials wrong. No amount of drugs can make up for shitty diet, poor training, lack of enough rest. That being said i would start with test only cycle of test enanthate or cypionate at 500mgs a week split dose. A month or so in have blood work done to see where your levels are at and go from there. I would def get a digital food scale and start measuring your food and track it. You should be aiming to gain about 2lbs a week if more than you run chance of adding more fat than you will want. Also if your bodyfat level is higher than 12% i would try recomping first or dieting down before trying to add mass. The fatter you are when you start the more chance you have of adding more fat as you gain. Just my 2 cents bud


Whats a normal day of eating for you.
Changing your diet and training will do better than taking var especially at 50-80mg. I run var at 30-40mg split.
What type of training do you do.
If you’re not looking to inject aas isn’t for you but we can help with a diet and training program that you will definitely make gains on.

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You may want to start with Deca or Eq with some Test E or Cyp. Remember current stats are important as well because of bf is too high compounds like Masteron or Var or Winny may be a waste because you won’t see the full results with higher bf.


I would like to know what you’re eating, 135lbs is extremely light. You may have an extremely fast metabolism but at 35 it shouldn’t be ridiculous unless you have some illness. Aas basically just makes protein synthesis more efficient(simplification), but if you’re not eating enough it would not do anything.


So true no fuel and the body won’t grow diet imo is the most important part of the equation


I’m still a strong advocate of at least 200mg ew of test (TRT doses) on top of whatever you want to run. No longer is my belief and many other top guys will tell you that you need to run equal or more test to other compounds. Pretty much all other AAS are basically derivatives with slight changes to the structure of testosterone, and they were all created to be “better” for whatever purposes they are for like less sides, better anabolism etc.


I do exactly the same I have really bad side effects from test especially at high levels anything over 400mg and it gets bad.
Im running test c at 300mg a wk and running npp at 450mg a wk,tbol at 30mg and 50mg proviron.
It doesn’t bother me to run my test low.
I will agree that test is one of the best goto compounds to build muscle when you compare pro to con against other compounds but using test to keep you elevated normal and then use other anabolics or androgens to do the work is a great way to run a cycle. It really all depends on your goals and then plan your diet then your training then you can really know what else you need to add to reach your goals.
The aas is really the last part to plan. I don’t believe that its the least important but diet and training are definitely #1and 2.

Most aas is derivatives of dht or boldenone or nandrolone
So your correct but you really want to keep it balanced between anabolic/androgenic.
That’s why test is so loved its 100/100


Maybe he has an over active thyroid.


That’s why I said the possibility of a illness, hyperthyroidism is possible.


Sorry for the delayed response @Bigmurph and @Andrew0409 , a day of eating for me (this week)
Breakfast: 4 scrambled eggs, 4 slices of bacon and whole wheat toast.
Morning snack: One (which is the brand name) protein bar (20g protein)
Lunch: large sliced turkey sandwich on wheat, 1 banana and a cup of Greek yogurt
Pre-work out meal: Cliff Bar and fruit (apple or banana)
Post-work out meal: whey protein shake (2 scoops 50g protein)
Dinner: 1 chicken breast and thigh (roasted), 1/2 cup green beans, 1/2 cup quinoa and a cup of Greek yogurt.

I don’t have any thyroid issues or a super high metabolism (just high I suppose). I wasn’t eating enough (and may not be now) in the past but I’m stepping that up. I appreciate all of your feedback and advice.

And since my initial post, I decided against Var and decided to go with test - e only (600mg per week split).


Cut the protein bars and energy bars. Get some real food in you.


@Neme thanks for the reply. If for any reason you have any questions or need any help reach out .


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I did the same. Sust 250 Organon was readily available and not knowing a whole lot I ran 750mg/wk for my first couple of cycles. 250mg 3x a week.