New year, New products! updates


Hi UGM. We are back from Christmas and New Years break and have some new products in stock again soon. Should be cooking shortly.

We appreciate the community but we need to ask a few things and set a few rules on our promos.

First we would like to ask that any emails be condensed into a previous long email chain or if you no longer have the email, then to copy your order info and address over to the new email message. We have several emails from the same people that make it hard to track including one member who every reply, sends us a new email… we have over 30+ emails from them alone and makes it difficult to check messages when we have to go back thru many of them.

Second, raffles we are expecting to pick up a bit more as next week we will be on another well known forum so we should be finishing that quick. We didnt expect much activity during Christmas and New Years.

Third, long term/repeat customers will receive a wickr address to get ahold of us and faster response times.

Lastly, I spoke to @TrenGod about this issue we have had with certain members contacting us demanding we replace ALL their IJL products for free. That is not going to happen. We did not get paid for them and we offered our promo to HELP ugm members and most were very grateful. Another member who we were told was banned was also complaining that they sent us payment for shipping on the promo the day before Christmas eve and that we couldn’t get the pack shipped before Christmas and messed up their plans. This is the first member we are completing cutting off our services. We shipped the package now and blocking their emails.

Like many others and alot of you all, we have a full crew working and all of our people are hard working with families and during the holidays it can get busy in our personal and professional lives. We hope everyone had a great holiday and look forward to the new year!



I will say this to this post. At we protect our members not our sponsors that’s what separates us from the rest plus our verification process.

Just because we protect our members doesn’t mean that members can abuse our sponsors with impunity.

I will always protect every member on this site. When it becomes to the point though where a member takes my kindness for weakness actions will be taken and they already have. I have only banned 2 members in almost 5yrs now.
In the past 2 months I have banned 3 members because of the way that they treated me after I did everything to help them. Almost all of you know that I will do anything to help and protect you. There is s point though were some members are taking advantage of this and it has to stop. 99% are not even included in this group but those that are no exactly who im talking about.

I have had complaints from multiple sponsors about exactly what MPG just spoke about. That members are trying to get free gear from him and other sponsors and its not only because of the IJL issue.
Please stop contacting sponsors asking for free gear. Me and @TrenGod put in place a rule that no free gear is to be given out without a discount or contest of some sort attached. We also decided that we would make an exception to this rule if the @Verifed_Sponsor contacted us first for approval.
Who doesn’t like free gear and of course if a sponsor wants to giveaway free gear that’s great but it brings along with it the “promo whores” which I don’t want at because all they do is take free gear and never contribute anything.
I really shouldn’t have posted this here I should have made a different thread I apologize @MPG for hijacking your thread.


Haven’t seen ya for a while MPG. Glad ta have ya back.


welcome back haha


@MPG Thanks for taking care of me bro! I look forward to trying some of your other products when I get back.