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Just got my stuff in today and great response time and shipping and packing on point. Took my first shot of tren today so should be no time before I start seeing results. I have heard good things and am excited to see how I get on. IMG_20181004_122155


Very nice pix


Sorry I posted it in wrong area @SemperFi im still trying to figure out everything and thought I did it right opps :grimacing::grimacing: . I blame the riods im a big dumb computer illiterate ape​:joy:


I love that idea if you can pull it off…I’m in on direct billing each month!


Nothing to worry about. I can’t walk on water or navigate my iPhone. :wink: In fact @Bigmurph stepped in and edited my edit because I am still on the outside of all the in’s and out’s on the back end.


Hey those are looking good…


How ya been @rnmuscle


A very bad mean man. But I’m bettr now. I’m just a rebel, toughest murse this side of Dover, Delaware. Use urinals for my pre workout and bedpan for my rice and chicken. Oh, I’m good you? Just received paras “list” the secret is the 20mls…he probably won’t see this…he gets confused and overfills them…shhhhhhh! The key to staying young at heart…immaturity whenever possible.


Ha ha I think he knows about his 20mls… and I agree, immaturity, the key to longevity…


Yeah…he’s pretty smart. Good stuff These young kids are churning out these days. Waiting on a big new private owned 24/7 gym to open a block from me! All different machine and equipment makers best of best. I didn’t know the China situation affects gym equipment. I guess its expensive and slow to get it here.


New updated list for UGM fam
introducing Sarms caps, hcg, test p 150


I was just gonna email my buddy here and I see overnight shipping! I wrote before watch out when this sponsor gets his train a rolling again. Excellent list and prices. Most of you know you can’t go wrong here. But the shipping is like order now and there’s a present after Monday night football(LOL).


pinned 2cc sust 350 about 40 hours ago and i was expecting it to have a little bite but my delt never had any PIP, just is faintly stiff. awesome to be able to use slightly higher mg without paying the piper


dbol, jintopin 100iu kits, bac water, full line of injecatbles now in stock. get juicy this winter

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The one that pops up is up to date? Great idea! The list , I am referring to.


yessir. will start putting the date it was last updated at the top


Nice list. Definitely want to give a items a try soon.


@paramexer is the best. Can’t wait to do my order soon. Are you still doing bulk deals?


definitely. hit my line


from left to right Test Prop 150, Test Prop 100, Test E 250, Sustanon 250, Test C 200

Eq 200, Npp 150, Deca 400

[email protected] for inquiry