New verified source PARAMEXER


dnp in stock, clearance sale going on until 4pm tomorrow and i am shutting down for a week! [email protected]


Will be placing my order tomorrow.


email [email protected] or [email protected] for an updated list


yes paramexer is still around :eyes::eyes::eyes::eyes: [email protected]


Paramexer who


15% off bitcoin orders throughout this weekend


That’s a friggin good deal. Prices low already.


i thought i got a bitcoin back at mcdonald’s but it was just a gold coin redeemable for a big mac



[email protected]


I would have liked that lol
Just would have been around 6000 short


tired of dealing with pushy salesmen? tired of waiting days for email responses? do you like muscles? well email [email protected] today for a chance to experience 2/3 of that!!!


I still am confused about the suspension…I bet your lab rats would like a long blends! Test cyp 3 00, tren E 200. Mast E 200 .


Do we get to pick which 2/3


luck of the draw bro, sorry


my lab rat won’t quit asking if i can fit 2g viagra in a capsule. who needs that much


Ha ha


I believe by now my body is mostly running and adapted to oil. I need that high milligram option !


That’s freaking awesome


Very legit, order came in exactly when expected, very helpful & didn’t bullshit around and the products do well beyond there means couldn’t be happier with my purchases and definitely dont plan on going anywhere else. #getbigordietrying


I just received my 5th order from Paramexer.labs. and just like the previous 4 orders i placed, it arrived in exactly 2 days. He ships it on monday, it arrives on Wednesday, EVERY Time without fail ! This guy is Reliable, and consistent.
The product is definitely authentic. I haven’t done Labs yet, however, its been 2 months on his test p and NPP, and im looking Big and feeling strong ! Gained around 15 pounds, with a little bloat, but muscles are full, and Rock Hard ! The oils are smooth and i havent had any PIP. Even the Proprianate is smooth and painless. In short, im quickly making progress, and very happy with this source.
Im adding Tren Ace to the mix, i just received 20ml bottle yesterday, so will start that sunday to finish off this current cycle. Ill update my progress shortly, and also drop a review of his Tren.
Ive used other labs that come highly recommended, but ive been pleased with paramexer Labs since i received my first order, so i dont see any reason to shop else where !