New verified source PARAMEXER


Jump on eca stack with ephedrine hcl tabs or get the amps which are amazing or albuterol is a good choice.


if you get any strange emails after receiving payment info DOUBLE CHECK WITH YOUR SOURCE…big lesson learned today


Perhaps shoot @Bigmurph an email so he can be aware of what exactly you mean.


We’re aware of it.


Oh shit…yeh get as much help as you can , those guys know their stuff. @TrenGod scares me and I don’t scare. Seems to know everything and is in another land. Computer whiz. Older, wiser…probably have someone electrocuted upon signing on.:hourglass_flowing_sand::skull:


His keyboard pointed in my direction would scare me alot more than someone pointing a gun at me just the truth


thats called an e-bully


[email protected]
[email protected]

deals available daily

$100 MINIMUM TIL 7/7
shipping $10

Please email sponsor for product and price list


All I can say is Paramexer products are fire and goes well beyond the call to provide fast quality goodies and that list would be the full spectrum and will be once the asswipes get stomped out.


Dam bro I feel anger in that post


he’s just mad i’m out of tren


Ha ha. I emailed you a lil bit ago bro


Meaning para


Nice looking list boss!


I have been getting a bit angry lately. Ill never get used to people hacking and ripping off people and doing it with malicious intent.


I can’t stand a thief especially ones that rip off good people


Test-E and NPP got here today! Nice and tight packaging! Vac sealed and everything! Thanks @paramexer!! These 20 ml bottles are legit! He responded back quick to all questions! Shipping proly took 2-3 days, idk it was split up by a Sunday! Happy customer!


first time customer of paramexer !!! all i can say is lightning quick service and communication.solid source here .thanks bro


Hey guys I don’t post much here but I read everything that all you guys put on the board. Just wanted to give huge props to Paramexer. Ive used him a few times always great. I just wanted to say Paramexer went above and beyond on an order and did not have to. He took care of me way beyond what I expected. He is legit and a great dude. And the products are legit. I’m an older cat so I’ve been at this awhile. This is a great source


Just wanted to say thanks to paramexer for great customer service and fast shipping! Love the dbol, every thing else was great. Customer for life💪