New verified source PARAMEXER


Love this pic! Made me LMAO! Looking forward to trying you guys out as well, always good to have multiple reliable sources to choose from, I won’t make the promo you have going on but def will pic some stuff up soon, always good to stock up on quality gear!


Looking forward to trying this out. Always get excited about a new domestic source.


Insanely fast shipping!!! Responsive… all looks great!


I was in a bind and Paramexer had me a bottle of Tren ethanate at my front door the next day Definitely my go to source from now on


any more requests?


Please contact the sponsor for products and price lists


EQ ? :slightly_smiling_face:


Hey bro when will you have DNP back in stock?


Do those first 3 have guac in them?


guacamole no, guaiacol yes


What made you do the tren?


Thanks. I assumed so just wanted to be sure. If possible, we’d like all sponsors to indicate on their list when g or eo is used in compounds.


requests/ i wanna hear voices when i lift


Ha ha


chinese factories stopped production as far as i know… i was really counting on being able take dnp rather than tapering back calories this summer


Damn thats sucks brotha! Thank you for quick response! Nice looking list like the 20ml bottles for sure!


Primo on the horizon bro?


email me


@ UG i’m taking the wife out tonight if i don’t hit you back on email i will tomorrow !!!


Please enjoy yourself forget about all this and get some cardio😝


hey i can’t message back on my phone, but i am out of deca. it’s on its way