New verified source PARAMEXER


WHen you have time,contact me please. I need to buy some new shoes!


first and foremost I am adding tablet ancillaries to the lineup.

here is the updated list. a few additions with more to come in the next few weeks

shipping $10
overnight $40
accepting payments through: Moneygram, Western Union, Bitcoin, walmart2walmart, ether, and other various cryptocurrencies

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CONTACT ME AT [email protected]
download the app called “WIRE” and add me @billyringo


lots of orders in the past few days, i appreciate it guys. i want to see some cycles! i have been “cruising” on 500 test e and 800 deca the last 8 weeks. i am about to finish this meadows hypertrophy program with a bang.
1g test
1.2g deca (deca 400mg)
tren a 300mg
tren e 600mg
100mg winny ed
60mg tbol ed

i like being on deca all the time. i feel like i constantly keep adding quality mass and not water bloat. i don’t get any sides from it either. hopefully my body will adapt soon and start producing deca on its own


One hell of a cycle bro.


I’m confused you say you’re taking 1.2 grams of deca what next to it you wrote 400 mg is that the dose for a mill? I’m just curious brother it’s a nice cycle though I bet you’re making some great games on that. Me personally I did not like Deca at all I love NPP so I never understood why when I ran deca I just didn’t enjoy it at all. I’m glad it’s working out for you though brother keep us updated on your progress


i stock deca 400mg/ml. kind of odd to see 1.2g in a cycle lineup so i thought that may clear it up, just 3cc a week :smirk:


Just wanted to thank Paramexer for a fast delivery and great communication. Package left Monday and was delivered today… Once again thanks Paramexer.


thank you brotha


As did mine. left Monday recieved wed. Nothing but great experiences so far … Hoping to do bloods in a week or so


do it. my doctors eyes popped outta her head last time i had blood work done


Are you on prop? May wanna wait 4-5 weeks for bloods.


Using cyp from another source and Paramexer tren, not using anything from this receny order, I probably should have made that clear sorry.


just tell the doc you need to know what your free and total trenbolone levels are




That’s usually disguised as AST/ALT numbers


Just received my order from Paramexer, very fast shipping, product looks great, awesome communication. Will post levels after next visit


wooop wooooop thanks brother


what’s up brothers, i’ll match any price let’s do some bidness this weekend


Great offer here. Thanks you for your generosity.


newly updated
most current price list
shipping $10

Please contact the sponsor for products and price lists