New verified source PARAMEXER


Oh how I could name several.


you have to realize owning a computer, a gym membership and doing some test with a 30 g needle because it might have some pain…also gives you a Chem PHD, a M>D, especially if you have the points behind your name. I stopped when the boards were causing higher blood pressure than the juice. But, its not just bbing, drug forums. If you really wanna jump through the screen read any news site responses! This is by far the best.


We created UGM for that exact reason of the other boards I will just say being a certain way and we wanted to change the way things were done.
I believe that we did a good job but alot of learning still to do years in.


Oh yeah, they just don’t seem to hold the pertinent dialogues nor the brotherhood feeling. UGM is my source for all research, dialogue and just BSing. Thanks UGM.


Your right shred, guys on here are like my “iPhone” friends, I’m new on here but I’m always checking to see what somebody’s sayin,I have been on my phone more since joining this forum in a few weeks then in my phone the past year prob, I look at a lot of other forums an see guys being assholes,and have yet to see it once here, and I went back and read everything I could on here to compare. You boys running this show, keep it up I’m tryin to get my buddy n brother in law to join, but their lazy and let me do all the work.


Couldn’t agree more @John


When will var polls be back in stock @paramexer


end of this week


Awesome thanks




How much or the Nolva? I don’t see it on the updated price list, maybe I’m being dumb?


pm sent


This src is the best I’ve used so far


I believe I will have to agree with you!


@Boz645 @swoldier i am flattered


How’s everybody doing this fine Friday morning :slight_smile:


At work but doing good


took off from the real job today to work on this one :wink:


That’s dedication @paramexer!! Again your NPP is doin me good, it’s been pip free, do it m/w/f 2cc a shot and I can do the same butcheek all week if I chose to…and as for how my day is well I woke ate, took dog out, ate some more bout to go to gym, no work today, so WOOOOOO!!


what’s up family. i am coming up on 3 months at UGM and it has gone really well. want to thank you all for your good nature and i will say the feed seems A LOT busier since i joined (not due to me, but due to a lot of members contributing). i will be making a few announcements in the coming days! keep an eye out and also if you message me on here and i don’t respond quickly hit my email and i will drop what i’m doing and get back to you pronto.