New to UGM


Hey what’s up UGM. Just wanted to introduce myself.
Just started
test c 500mg weekly
Tren a 1000mg weekly stack
Been using gear for roughly 5 years now.
Body fat is currently 15%
Pretty high considering I’m use to being around 7%
Just getting back in. But I look to be back at or around 7%
I am 5’4
177lbs currently.


Welcome bro!


Thanks @Fitraver


Welcome to UGM I look forward to hearing about your journey back to 7%.

Hit me up anytime im here to help


Welcome to UGM brother, like my boy @Bigmurph said if you ever need anything or have any questions let any of us know and we will help you out bud! i mean we are a family here at UGM hence why we must take care of each other. :fist:


Welcome bro. Damn 1g of tren a week. My body loves tren but I don’t think I could handle that. Looking forward to your journey


Thank you @Bigmurph I’ve heard a lot about you from my good friend @Mrbell87


Thank you @Iron_Junkie_Labs , and thank you for both the orders I’ve received from you.


Lol yea I get a little emotional from time to time but nothing a hard sleep from some pramipexole can’t help @Jaylito I’m so excited to be hitting it hard again.


welcome! Any of the breathing/SOB sides running a gram of Tren?


@moolg night sweats, extremely thermogenic usually about 2-3 weeks In. Can cause you to be a little irritable. First time around had a little tren bloat. But pramipexole before bed deals with any other sides before hand. I start the pramipexole 2 weeks In to avoid any prolactin issues. Never had any and don’t want any. I can usually keep cardio up if I throw some clen, gw50516 or anavar in my stack


Welcome my brother. Hope you enjoy ugm


Welcome to UGM brother!!


I just placed an order with you. @UNITED thank you for the EZ process


Welcome to UGM board.