New to UGM thought I’d say hello and not just visit


Hello. New to UGM. Been around the block a few times. 55. 6’3” 255. 16% BF. Been on the merry-go-round for quite some time, and also a TRT user. I’ll post a pic once I figure this damn thing out.




Welcome brother im BIGMURPH and if you need anything contact me anytime im always here to help.

To post a picture in the bottom right corner when writing a post you will see a little arrow pointing up that’s how you add pictures to posts.


Welcome brotha



Welcome bro


Welcome to UG.


Thanks! Figured it out. Needed to make settings mobile display. Then I could see it. :grin:


You’ve got a great build one cycle with the right diet and training hard and you will look great.
Not as good as @Czworeczki welcome but you can tighten up and put on even more mass easily I would reccomend a bulk either dbol pwo 30mg or tbol 40mg split am 20mg pwo 20mg and 15wks of testosterone enanthate 500mg split 2x a wk.
Followed by a taper back down to your trt.

You could even go the other route and not even mess with your trt and just add primobolan 600mg-800mg and run for 20-25 wks and just having that lean tight muscle mag look. I would add 2iu of hgh go with pharma grade if you can afford it if not there are other many great choices.

Like I said hit me up anytime I would love to talk cycles and ideas.


Thanks for the input. I was thinking of hitting a Tren cycle for 8 weeks. 400mg, 200 on Monday and Thursday’s this spring. And stay on my TRT. I don’t think I want to bulk up anymore. Instead of Prime, what’s your take on Masteron? I am all ears for ideas and new cycles.


Masteron is a great choice also you could run a cut mix blend of test p/tren a/mast p
This for 8 wks with the right diet and training can really make some gains and plenty of sponsors have this blend at different doses some do
100/100/100 others do 75/75/75 ive even seen some where the test is 75mg and the tren and mast are 100mg.
Then you have the basic that is 50/50/50 meant to be inj every day.
Adding a oral might not be good because of age not saying that you are old brother but it can be harsh on hdl and ldl plus liver.
I would say that the cut mix would be your best bet


No offense taken. I am old. :joy:. I haven’t been on an oral in a few years. My last orals was 25 mg Dbol and 25mg of Abombs which was about all I could take. Any higher caused my blood pressure to skyrocket. Badly. So I quit that stuff. Just been working injections with a little AI sometimes. I’ll look at some sponsors for the cutting blend. Diet will take some work. I love my beer and cheeseburgers a little too much.


Here’s a couple to help your search bro:

If you have any questions feel free to PM me.


Welcome to the forum brother!


Welcome to UGM boss.