New to this place

Hey guys, I go by islandswole. I’m 24 6’0 220 at the moment and I have 3 cycles under my belt so I’m still pretty new to the AAS world. Been lifting for around 10 years now but only seriously for 4 years out of the 10. I’m an iron addict to the bone. Lurked around here for a few or so before I decided to make an account and so far I am loving it. Thanks


Welcome to brother alot of cycles at 24. When did you start running?


Thanks guys, I was 22 and the best part is all of those cycles were in the span of a year. First cycle was test 500 for 8 weeks… no pct or so, 2nd was test 500(week 1-8) and dbol 50mgs (week4-8) no pct or so, 3rd cycle was a very short test prop,tren a, var. Not my proudest moments, I was so caught in wanting to compete that I completely disregarded my health and common sense. Now after taking a year and half off of any compounds and getting blood work done… I’m ready to pull the trigger again, looking to run more of a recomp cycle.

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You’re looking good brother. Im glad you took a step back and looked at your health.
Your looking to get on stage

The 1st was my physique before ever touching gear, and 2 years lifting seriously also at that point I was still a strict vegetarian. I weighed 195 in that pic, the 2nd pic is my most current physique update after taking a break from cycles and now eating meat as well, weighing 225lbs.

Yes I am


Welcome to UG muscle brother! :muscle:


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welcome .
its a pleasure to have you. , sorry for the late welcome , but. ive been tied up for months. …anything i can do let me knkow.

Thank you