New to this board thanks for having me


Whats up ladies and gents! New to this board not new to the overall community! I’ve been lifting competitively 1 year but casually lifting and dieting since the navy! I use all of United’s products and have know united just as long as I’ve been lifting and living the meal prep competition hopeful lifestyle! I’m not a genius but my best friend is one of the head reps for a few company’s on other boards and I’ve been his protege for a little over a year now! Looking forward to learning more and helping who I can when I can if I can!



Welcome !!!


My man! welcome to the board big dog. :tada::tada:






Welcome, love the name… where were you stationed?


Welcome to the board.


Welcome on UGM board :slight_smile:

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Niiiiice bro! Good to hear that! Glad to have you part of the UGMuscle family and love the name also!!


Welcome to the group!


Glad to have you as a member brother.
If you need anything just let me know im here to help


Welcome, glad to have you with us