New to the forum about a week ago but never did a proper introduction


Im 44 used gear in my 20s and early 30s haven’t used any since and I’m going to run a cycle soon been meeting guys and ladies and just wanted to say ive felt very welcome since day one thanks guys appreciate all the input


Welcome officially from myself and the @PharmaComStore team


Welcome and thanks for the intro.


Welcome bud


Thanks i found this forum with a great bunch of ppl willing to help with any questions I may have even if it’s something basic to the experienced. I haven’t ran anything in over 10 yrs and a lot has changed in the AAS community so I’m quite rusty you know it’s been awhile and I’d like to get back into it


Welcome to UGM bro.


Thanks bro look forward to trying out some of the United gear as soon as I get my 25 post



Welcome brotha!


Welcome to the family brother


Glad to have you at brother.


I took care of your account earlier you should have access now to the sponsor categories


WELCOME to the site!




Appreciate it BigM