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Thats pretty low, why not 500?


VERY informative thank u soo much for the post!


I think that at 250mg you can already get a good amount of gains since you are already in supra-physiological levels of testosterone. It’s my first cycle and I want to test how well my body reacts to test. At this dose I might not even need an AI, even though I will have one at hand. We all know how much an AI messes up blood lipid levels… I just want to wet my feet first. I’m 21, I have time to do things slowly! I know that 500mg is usually what people suggest. If after 8 weeks I haven’t seen that much of an increase in muscularity I will adjust training volume and food and see if that will affect my gains. If after another 8 weeks I haven’t seen much difference I know that 250mg wasn’t enough for me


Maybe at 21 250mg will get you to supra-physiological levels, granted your gear is properly dosed.


I’m just saying if your going to shut yourself down you might as well run it at 500 and yeild more gains


I keep my test low I wont go above 500mgs if you can make gains and dial in your diet and train hard you can use 250mg I would though reccomend 300mg minimum


I’m planning on doing a few cycles and doing PCT so that I learn how to PCT properly and keep as much of my gains when I come off. Also I’m studying sports and exercise science and plan on doing post grad in strength and conditioning. I already write out a few powerlifting workouts for people as a side gig, and hope to make that a center piece in my future, including one on one coaching. so I plan on blast & cruising for pretty much the rest of my life not only for job purposes but also personal reasons. For those reasons I want to experiment all I can with doses and compare them with performance and muscularity so that I can get the minimum effective dose for the results I want. I appreciate your advice!


really appreciate your advice! Tomorrow I am going to pick up my bloods I did last week. Did full comprehensive panel. I get them done every 6 months since I new I would want to know how things worked naturally and create a baseline to work with. I plan, however to give a shot at asking my doctor to prescribe me test-e explaining all the reasons I want to go on and saying I want to be accompanied by her and be safe rather than doing it all by myself


Just an update on my situation. Results came back and my estrogen is towards the top of the range, and my test is at 292. Last time i did bloods (3 months after my superdrol cycle, so it wasn’t the superdrol that shut me down) my test was at 725. Also my free test is much much lower than it was before. I’ve booked a consultation to see my family doctor lets hope she fixes me up. I feel like total dog sh*t at the moment, my strength is super high in the gym but the rest of the day is bad. Low sex drive, low energy, bad sleep… I don’t even have visible abs yet (you can see an outline) so it’s not because of low bf levels… im kinda worried its something more serious


Its because your test is at 292 and your estro is at the high end more than likely


Yeah, but kinda worried what caused it to go down so much. My training volume is moderate, my macros are still where i had them in December (2800kcal). The only thing could be my lack of sleep and possibly higher cortisol levels from stressful exams at university. My cortisol did raise slightly. Just recently read this study which suggests that sleep restriction of only 1 week lowers testosterone in young men by significant amount. I wonder what a whole month of this would cause…:thinking:


There are so many factors. I would try not to worry ave wait until you talk to the doc. Probably nothing serious


I agree! Thanks kind sir


Let me know when u write this up :+1:t2:


Just joined today and have question about a specific lab but I’m guessing I can’t actually mention it…?


What lab?


Aurum? And I take it all the pics at top of this page are good sources? Never belonged to any of these groups so I don’t know the proper etiquette of things on here


They are no longer on the board bro. Checkout the srcs section.


Ok thanks


How do you guys pick n chose the lab advertisements on here? Do you test everything out yourselves? I’m very hesitant on ordering jus because they got good reviews, somewhat new to this whole ordering of internet thing, but my local guys prices are astronomical n I need to get a new source, thanks…