New to site and looking for recommendations


I had a great source for HGH a couple of years ago and suddenly their product began testing badly. I have since struggled and ordered many different ones tying to once again find a reliable authentic source. Seems so many of the names have changed as well such as grey top, kigtropin, etc.

Can anyone recommend a source they have had luck with that tests well with no additives in it. I say additives as I recently ordered some and it gave me terrible heart palpitations. Avid gym rat looking to use it as weight control and feeling great for the gym.

I hope this of question is allowed on this site.


Best hgh available right now


Welcome to im BIGMURPH if you ever need anything just let me know im always here to help brother


@Bigmurph you’re like a broken record with that MGT response lately :wink: How many iu of their product did you run and which one? Curious what makes it hands down the best around right now.

@guess101 welcome. @PharmaComStore carries many different lines of gh including both generic and Pharma grade! If you have any questions feel free to hit me up.


I have never ran 1iu of any of their products but you know I watch all blood work across the internet and I read reviews not written on website reviews I actually contact the people that use the products and talk with them so I don’t get the best ever bs review I get the gh was good sides were there minimum but blood work doesn’t lie and also neither do these guys. They announce every problem that has ever happened. I honestly shouldn’t be doing it and I will stop because it isn’t right but when you can pay 120$ for 102iu that tests as good as pharma grade with a bacterial protein culture that is as clean as it gets. I have been really excited about these guys being part of and I want members to get the best you know that were members first. You’re getting a pharmaceutical grade product that isn’t made by a human but by a robot just like all the big pharma companies and for a quarter of the price. Pharma grade products are going to have to lower the cost.


Def can’t beat that price point that’s for sure.


Which PharmaComStore do you recommend for HGH? I have done Kigtropin, Blue and Grey in the past. Had great weight loss, good energy…then I lost my source and have bought (3) now that did nothing or left a red welt. looking for a good permanent source.


The hilma biocare line is solid or they carry multiple different Pharma grade. Assuming you wanted generic tho?


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I have not heard of that brand before nor am I sure if I had Pharma grade or generic in the past. I have noticed alot listed seem to have other components in it now which I do not want. I just am looking for a good tested HGH that has had good reviews.