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Hey guys new to the forum here been on a few different gears .wanting to learn the best method for gains with 218 rite now and 5"9.I want to put on more weight but not water weight.i was 240 but my fat percentage was too high to me and my body didn’t look rite. Not sure if gear I was using was clean or real for tht matter.i dropped to 218 but when I toke my break I starting losing my roundness and fullness need help pls thx


Welcome bro! I think we can help with your goals :wink:


Tht would b great thankyou


I tried to click on the link but it said no data available


Said it cannot be reached


Are you trying to find my page with info and list?


Here you go bud




Welcome to ugm glad to have you around


Ok please hit me back so I can place an order in can’t wait


Welcome to UGM brother. - UNITED


Thxs I appreciate the luv and much respect how can I place my first order ready to finish off this longg winter cycle


Welcome to UGM bro @jpkompa


Welcome bro


Welcome brother


Thxu gents appreciate all you taking the time to show your love. Just need some guidance


welcome to UGM


Welcome mate