New to bodybuilding - Hi UGM!


Welcome @DVA
You’ve chosen to join the best board around. Full of great people with nothing but good advice and friendly banter.


Less than 30g carbs is definitely gonna be hard for me to get used to, lol. I will give it a shot though, thanks again for the substantial advice @SemperFi. I appreciate the info as I haven’t seen that anywhere else before!

Thank you for the welcome @Swest, @MPG, @Islandswole, @MBTJR1980, @TrenGod, @Czworeczki.


I noticed on your profile it says freerunner, are you still actively doing so?


I’m not as active as I used to be but I have every intention of getting back up to peak performance. :slight_smile:


@DVA If you have the need to satisfy a sweet tooth I have great recipes. Pancakes, cheesecake, berry pie, cauliflower crusted pizza, etc. All no sugar added and very low carb. I use monk fruit crystals as a sweetener.

Did you see I said ‘cheese cake’? :wink: Good source of fat and protein.

If you experience carb cravings at night look at the benefits of l-glutamine. It is very helpful for those addictive sugar cravings and even alcohol cravings.

Youtube the video - Sugar; The bitter truth. One hour long but worth a watch.

Don’t get trapped in following everything I say. I simply love a ketogenic lifestyle because all the personal health benefits for me personally as a cancer survivor. There are other diets just as effective to help you reach your goals.


Share the recipes lol. My wife is always looking for things.


I’m with you @TrenGod… this whole time and he hasn’t shared one! Feed us fat asses!


Kudos to you, I tried getting into a few years back and failed epically


@TrenGod @Islandswole I will start a ketogenic diet recipe section in the near future…BEFORE the holidays! :wink: I am bulking so you guys wont see me carb free until February 2019. :sunglasses:


Can’t wait bro, btw is that you in your profile pic?


Who else would it be? I’m Your Daisy.


Idk your boyfriend? But seriously, looking sick bro


Everyone of us deserves to be our best. That is why we are here. We all get to celebrate in the success of other members and I am glad that you get to share in mine. I hope I will get to share in yours~


Omg, this came at a perfect time!! Ever since I started this meal plan the sugar cravings skyrocketed, and I lost to a basket of chocolate a few days ago. Cheesecake is my kryptonite. Do you have a recipe for macarons??

Since I started keto my mood and mental clarity vastly improved too so I agree with you 100%.


Welcome @dva glad to have you here.


More than one. :crazy_face: I will post recipes as I have time in the near future.


my goals are different … I am doing a recomp I don’t actually want to lose weight and high fat diets… they just make me fat … I d be lying if I said I didn’t want my fat macro back up to 90 but it wasn’t working for me and I was in dead stall for about 12 weeks … eating 3200 calories 220 protien 300 carbs 90 fat … when something quits working or doesn’t show results it gets thrown out and I do something different

I think I might be contacting you privately for a banner :wink:




Welcome DVA nice to see some diversity


@KodiakGrrl I’m curious what were your goals? And what did you change for your routine to start being effective?

And yes hit me up anytime if you need help. :slight_smile: