New to boards but wise to fakes


hey all i from uk ,dropped on this board,because i like what it says ,no bull ,i hate fuckin liars and scammers and i take it personal to hunt them down .iam nothin special .but around gym all my life age 54 now but put 18 yr olds too shame,dont compete .i love drugs and g/h .lol and say it has it is ,thats why i got banned off shit roids ,staf safe .


Nice to have you brother. There are alot of cool guys around here.


thank you ,appriciate it


Welcome brother; this a s great place. Am 54 as well and i dedicate myself to put 18 years old thru shame


Welcome to ugm brother you shouldn’t have any problems here. If you feel like something is bs say it but just don’t bash the member. We are uncensored but we don’t attack anyone for there faults or just not knowing the right way. With your knowledge you can help these guys glad to have you around brother welcome.
If you need anything just let me know


thank you big murph and pastor for your welcome ,i just want to pass on what i know if people need it ,especially scammers ,weed em out ,most of us have to work for a living and i fed up with seing guys get ripped off .if i can stop one its been worth while me joining ,i dont know everything but i feel a lot more comfortable sharing stuff on here ,i dont bash because i been bashed my self .even young ones i wouldnt bash i would rather help


welcome to ugm. i’m actually looking for someone to bash me physically because i never made a loafwallet litecoin paper key and therefore lost all my coins when my wallet logged all the way out for some reason.


lol not got a clue what you on about dude


Haha yeah I have no clue either, which is why I’m not dealing with the Bitcoin, litecoin, ripple, whatever else confusing shit they have nowadays


was using coinbase they fuckin closed my account for a reason which was a load of shit due to money laundering .lol i made 2 puchases totaling 50£ ,joke ,


i think they actually got in legal trouble for money laundering. they kept closing my account and i sent them a lot of vulgar emails


Ha ha good job bro!


Damn id be pissed


i was pissed i had about 30£gbp left in there when 1 bitcoin was valued at 250£gbp now its what about 5k ,they wouldnt give it me ,anyway i dont trust bitcoin


Damn brother its actually 6800-7200 its been going back and forth it was 22000usd.
That was end of last coinbase should be called usa govtbase thats why.
If you get a better wallet or get on a legitimate exchange its working alt coins are climbing fast also


Welcome to the board.


welcome, you are older than I…:skull::skull:I’m( what year is it) well I competed in the AAU and Nabba and I remember reading the powerlifting USA I was in(wink) saying Ernie Frantz was starting up something for druggrrs called the APF. But, if your from across the pond maybe you have no idea what im talking about. But don’t worry by sentence 3 nobody including me knows. Welcome…47 in a few full moons here and I put 18 up to shame its the over 35 crowd that kicks ass now, like fine wine…


thank all you been warm with welcomes .hope i can be of value to the community ,i will try anyway ,i dont mind being told i am wrong and i can stand up and say iam wrong ,lifes to short to be flaming each other ,we all the same when we pumping iron


Your wrong, why would you say pumping iron. Everyone knows training heavy and not pumping high volume is the way to my Instagram pro card. Next your gonna say tren shouldn’t be used year round. My bro is gonna win nationals after dialysis is over and he’s been running tren for five years , he did wait til he was 18. Just joking. That is pretty good example though. Anything I used to say would get someone on my ass. AGAIN A RNMUSCLE JOKE…RNMUSCLE IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR DAMAGES FROM TAKING IT ANY OTHER WAY.:smiling_imp::smiling_imp:


fuckin hell dude you had me goin then .lol