New testing at home only state not available is NY


Im going to ORDER a couple different tests for different parts of my cycle. I lik the 3 panel T,P,E2
Then Just e2 then for the end just T and free T


@Bigmurph did you get a chance to use the at home testing kit yet? I very curious to hear about your experience and accuracy. - UNITED


I decided against using the at home test kit because private Med lab is only $66 that at home kit is around $136. The convenience is there but it’s just if you’re willing to pay the price I’ve heard that they’re pretty good but it’s almost double a female Panel test from private Med lab


Okay thx for the update, yeah the convenience factor makes it tempting.


I will eventually try the total testosterone one because it is about 60 something dollars I believe and it goes above 1500