New RX Muscle Video "Mexican connect"


Cross Mexico off your list! I would never touch whatever this guy is taking! …or making. Funny video 15 bucks for primotestin? 10 bucks however for “great hgh”…Cheers to all our hard-working sponsors and staff here, otherwise we would all be taking 2 g of propionate from that dope dude and having that physique!!


Lol I wanted to see it since you posted here with it. Its always funny with the know it all guys in their 20s and look like they never stepped into a gym in their life. But they are “experts” saying they’ve tried it all and taken it all.



That’s what I was thinking, he said he has been doing it since he was 16 but looks like chit.


Thanks @PHD. Always worried the wrong file will share and you guys will be watching 1.5 minutes of my " home videos" :grinning:…it must be illegal to do shrugs in Mexico.


@rnmuscle files he’s afraid of us seeing



Lmao damn


That scene cracks me the fuck up


Love it!!!LMAO


I don’t think this guy even looked at weight, wow “expert”!


I would love to see 1.5 minutes of your home video lol


Exactly lol


I don’t what the connection with the Mexican and Dave is but it was a waste of time and video, which in turn revealed relatively little worthwhile information or knowledge. Worthless. I like Dave and seriously WTF?


I think there was great information in it. Dont buy anything thing from Mexico. :mexico:


It did drag on for a Dave interview I usually fast forward but I jumped forward alot on this one lol