NEW product release (Tren Hex)


NEW product release (Tren Hex)

Parabolan - 80mg/ml 10ml/vial EP

Condition: New product
Chemical Name:Trenbolone hexahydrobenzylcarbonate
Comes In: 10ml vial - 80mg/ml
Dosage: 200-400mg/week
Active time: 5-8 days
Class: anabolic steroid

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There is a distinct feeling to this…my goal is to try all srcs in 2019…:boom::boom:


2019 no excuses!


My next order from a sponsor looks like its going to be PSL. Im looking forward to trying the gear after seeing the picture of the oils posted.


I thought tren hex had a much longer slower release into blood stream than just 2-3 days. I thought it released more along the lines of enanthate?


Much longer as you stated @MBTJR1980. It is not a DHT derivative either, which most of us already know. :wink: In fact, it cannot convert into DHT at all. @Vision or @Pushtoday probably should correct that so no one gets confused.

Here is a write up on it that has been fact checked by Llwellen.


As always thank you for the great info my brother!


That was an error on the website, I would never Implement that Trenbolone is a DHT derivatives because that’s Basics 101… the mistake came into play where information was copy and pasted from the sale site and it was mistaken with another product… we are aware of these errors and they will be corrected sometime this week by our IT guy…

The half life is a little greater than 5-8 days…

This ester is a medium , not short or long…


It’s just slightly under enanthate… it’s a medium ester…
It’s quite powerful as well, regardless of the parenting hormone, this ester can pack a pretty aggressive punch… some guys like it over ace, claiming it’s not as aggressive, and other guys say it’s more aggressive compared to its counterpart enanthate… it’s all about personal preference at the end of the day…
The truth of the matter is people do respond much differently than others with particular esters, regardless of the parenting hormone, this is not a one-size-fits-all way of life so individual experience and sensitivities will vary…

For the most part it’s a very favored ester and in fact quite popular among the other ones…


Just edit these two facts and you are good to go. We know it was not intentional but is misleading for members who don’t know any better . :wink:


It’s very very misleading, it could send people going crazy on Google trying to come up with an explanation lol…
We actually have quite a few errors we need to correct on the ordering site… mostly grammar LMBO


Thanks for that brother


I was " lucky" to use the real parabolan amps. 3 weekly was the deal with 3 winstrol v. Test cyp and rotation of 2 orals. Of course I was 20 something and all very real stuff. Probably the lowest mg amt. And great gains those years…hmmmm. Fearless training , protein, rest and just enough help to gain 12 keep 8.