New product from new sponsor came in today!


So this surprised me alot… since when does the post office deliver on sundays (other than amazon)? Well they did today for me! This was the fastest t/a I’ve ever seen, totally impressed to the max. I’ll do a total review later but for now just stating some simple facts about my new change over from one source to @KodiakGrrl. So as I just stated THE FASTEST T/A I’VE EVER EXPERIENCED! Ordering seemed a little difficult at first but that was mostly my fault because I was so used to my other source ordering that the change in process was just a learning curve. Prices are fair priced and competitive, customer service was very very very personal when Grrl was on UGM and responded very quickly and promptly with a professional attitude, and I always got an email back same day about any questions. Packaging was normal to what im used to on the outside, but inside again very very impressed, better than I’ve ever seen. Presentation of label and product is definitely done professionally ,absolutley amazing. Nothing is crashed and all is clear… so I will keep everybody updated on the product when I start it (tomorrow) and end it! So many thanks so far to be given out on this one, I wish I would have found @KodiakGrrl my first go around, and thanks for the direction and advice from everybody here at UGM. I’l post pictures later this evening!


Thanks for the review bro but I would suggest editing your post to not mention anything about specifics of the packaging. Just say it was packaged well. Also move this to her category.


Ok i’l edit it… how do I move it to her category?


Pencil next to your title then pick hers





Very nice, I can’t hardly wait to give this a go around!


So this morning I warmed the product up a little and wow very smooth! Im impressed.




WOW!!! Product looks so professional like it came out of a pharmacy! Im gonna have to give her a run! Likin what im seeing big time! @KodiakGrrl excellent work some severely nice looking gear :wink:


That is some great gear porn. Thanks for sharing @josh.


Just blew my load. Thanks


Absolutely @SemperFi, and glad that helped @Trendog25 you should have seen “my” reaction having delivered on a Sunday!:hugs:


Looks great! Now I’m excited about an upcoming order. Do you try and order everything you need for a cycle at once? Or do you split it up?


This is a change over from one source to a new sponsor, kinda mid cycle. And correct im kinda like pre stocking up so 2 of the seven will be split.


I think I know the answer to this but… how risky would it be to ship (domestic) to a home address?


Sorry @Neme I don’t believe I can help you with that question, your best bet would probably be to contact your sponsor directly!


Nice lookin’ product. Great ta hear. Keep us posted on your results.


Will do!