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Welcome, I will mimic @TrenGod and say there is no wrong question here, and if someone can’t answer it, then you will guide you to someone who does, it’s simple.


Here is what I did in the past:

12 weeks
Test Cyp 500mg 12 weeks leaning off to 250mg
Eq 250mg 12 weeks
30mg dbol 5 weeks (first 5)
Tren A 300mg 4 weeks (5-8)
Mast 250mg 4 weeks (8-9-10)
Anavar 30mg 4 weeks (last 4)
Nolvadex throughout depending on puffiness
Hcg 2 weeks

I was thinking of doing something similar.

Any help is greatly appreciated


Personally if looking for solid size then increase test and tren. Drop the mast and var. This cycle run high test, EQ, dbol and tren. Keep your cardio up.

Next cycle. Low test, high tren, mast, var.


I remember waking up from night terrors taking tren in the past :eyes:

I haven’t run gear in 6 years. You think I should go light this go around and the next cycle go big?

Thanks for the replies


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Welcome!! There is plenty of knowledge here, you did well choosing to join.



Always go as light as you can, I mean why take all of that bad shit? Stay light on gear and u will b able to live this lifestyle even longer. I mean like go really hard,as hard as the big dogs and u can look good for a couple years.or u could keep everything low and stay healthy for many years looking way better than the rest.most of your progress will depend on your exercise and diet more than it does on the gear anyways. Jus my opinion. N nice to meet you bro-ham


I personally believe that what you did in the past probably held you back from those big gains you want. Keep it really simple you want to get big first eat big and then inj and take these tabs big lol

Testosterone enanthate or sustanon depending upon if you are a fan of sustanon I personally hate it. 500-750mg 16wk minimum
Decca 400-600mg 12wk
Dbol 30-40mg pwo depending upon quality 6-8wks or you can take adrol PWO and pulse so 2wks on 2wk off for until wk 12 or through the whole cycle.
Aromasin or arimidex
Caber also b6 is a great vitamin it really does work at lowering progesterone in the body. Just learned that the other day from my boy @Berserker

Really good liver protectant mic,Nac,gathieon or something that will work strong not just milk thistle

Pct if you like hcg I would use it at 1000iu per wk 2x 5000iu 10 wks up until your first day of actual pct but you can also continue to take shots of hcg if you’re looking for those types of goals.
I personally only use nolvadex because I’m going to start taking testosterone again I just like to clear out after running 20wk cycle.

The nolvadex clomiphene combination is the best
100/40 2wks
50/20 2wks
For some though clomiphene has bad side effects if you get the side effects I would stay away from it.

I would also reccomend hgh even if it is just 2iu before sleep.
The other thing and I used to do this myself is use nolvadex to stop gyno through the cycle but you are hurting your gains so much because of all the igf1 your losing due to taking the nolvadex.
An AI is a much better choice and you might not need alot if your blood work shows your good then you are good.

Best of luck brother and good luck and good gains. I only hope to see pics 16wks from now where you are looking ripped.

If you need anything I’m always around just tag @Bigmurph and I got you I’m always here to help




Welcome aboard brotha!


Welcome. Remember. Gear is just a part of it. Diet and training will result in big gains. I will also jump on the “less is more” cycle principle. I believe you will keep more of your gains if you find that sweet spot of gear at its minimum. But that’s just me. :grin:


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