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Hey guys I’m Rex. I’m 31 6’2" 205lbs 12%bf

I’m new to the board, but have experience in the online scene

Glad to see we’re all on the same page so we can all benefit: things are organized, sources are accountable, people follow basic privacy rules

Hope I can add to the community, and hope it stays like it is

I’m currently on tren e 200mg/week and test e 250mg/week (divided in 2 jabs), .6mg letro twice a week, and .5mg caber twice a week. BEST cycle ever, get consistent strength gains, and no sides

I’m a on a 1500 cal deficit, 3 on 1 off. So far strength hasn’t suffered. Shooting to get to sub 10% for the first time (I always end up giving up because being carb depleted makes me feel like a skinny bitch)


Welcome to ugm brother I can promise that as long as im around ugm won’t change its basic principles.
Im glad that you found your way here im always here to help hit me up anytime


Welcome bro, great place, great people here!!


Welcome to the board my friend.


welcome brother


Welcome @rexpmp I actually did a lot of research on running tren with low test (or trt dose). I honestly really want to try that when I do tren the first time. Seems like people see good results with low sides.


Welcome !!!


thanks guys, appreciate it


Definitely for me it’s the sweet spot. When running 500mg week, strength would go up incredibly. I could also eat lot’s of chocolate, ice cream and burguers and I would wake up more vascular the next day

However, besides the night sweats and insomnia, the side that got me the most, was gyno. Even on caber and with nearly crashed E2, it would pop up by week 4-and it would not go away until I stopped tren altogether and hit with caber+letro

Legit tren is really strong, definitely worth it at the right dose


This was a couple of months back, love handles and boob fat are definitely the last things to go


Welcome Brother looking swole keep up the work


Lookin good bro. Need to clean that mirror :wink: one of these days I will give tren a go. Just nervous since I have a gf. Lol


Welcome to the board brotha


Stai benissimo…


See, I don’t like this guy already. 12 inch waist wide chest. I was bald and 250 at 17. You know the guy that the guys bothered at parties hey dude what do you do for traps ? Where were the chicks? I wonder. I’m joking welcome…great family here … My advice was test suspension Anavar and deca…now you get tren test mast no gyno . shit was not high enough if I couldn’t nurse a baby before a meet …back then.