New Holiday Promo To Get You Going!


From now until Dec 17th UGM brothers and sisters can enjoy 20% off using Xmas . If you use Crypto-Currency for payment you can take an additional 5% off! Anytime we run a promo the crypto promo CAN be stacked with any other promo we run. The code to use at check-out is Crypto (case sensitive).


Great promo. Thanks for hooking us up.


Thanks for the discount code @AlphaOmega


Sure thing! Having a tough time keeping up

@SemperFi I see why my other post was flagged. Got it brother!



Don’t miss an opportunity to save on @AlphaOmega line of products.


I have something in-store for UGM only coming up! Its my way of saying “Sorry for being abscent!” I’m having a REALLY HARD time keeping up with all the admin work i.e posting on forums, transfer collection (avg now is 10 transfers a day PLUS bitcoin payments), conjuring up new products (stay tuned for the cutting season) etc etc.

I appreciate UGM for working with me as I settle in with everything (being new to online and growing like we have). All sources can agree at how fast it grows and the time that goes in to this. Love and respect UGM fam!


Talks cheap @AlphaOmega. Put your money where your mouth is Rev! :wink:


What and when are you planning to announce the offer @AlphaOmega?

I am just curious because Christmas is around the corner and you posted this two weeks ago.

You’re not ‘all hat, no horse’ are you? :rofl:


All hat I guess.There goes my @AlphaOmega stocking stuffers. Christmas is ruined… Bah Humbug!