New here


Let me introduce myself, my name is Dan, many years ago I was professionally wrestling, unfortunately my career was stopped by frequent illnesses and as a result of cancer. I won the fight and I’m happy! For some time I’ve been watching your forum and decided to join. Hello, everybody !!!


Welcome brother, way to tell cancer to go fuck itself!!


Welcome !!!


Welcome brother




Welcome and congrats on beating cancer!


not yet I’m in 1.5 year in reemission but I’m good now


Ok good


Glad to have you around brother welcome to UGM


Welcome to the board.


Good for you brotha stay positive, love God, and keep kicking ass! Welcome to the fam!


Welcome to the forum!


Welcome on UGM board!!!

[email protected]
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Welcome brother!


welcome aboard brother .


Welcome to the fourm


Welcome mate


DB, Nice work buddy. I put the big C on his ass twice. If he ever peaks his nasty head in the front door again don’t mess around. Kick him in the nuts and tell him to piss off.


Welcome my man!