New here, introduction


Been around for a few years on other forums; ASF, AM, UGBB, etc.

38 years old, currently on second AAS cycle. Sitting around 13% BF and 227.4lb as of this morning. Week 9 of my current cycle and going for about 16-weeks before dropping to a cruise dose.

Just wanted to introduce myself as I am loving the content so far.

Look forward to contributing and learning from everyone.


Welcome bro


Welcome aboard brotha


Welcome aboard! We’ve got almost the same stats. Same weight and I’ll be 38 soon starting my second cycle in a couple months.


Nice! It’s a little heavier than I’d like but once I start cutting in March I’m more concerned with BF than overall scale weight. If I can get below 10% I’ll be happy.



Your built exactly like me are stats would match but ive been having alot of issues with injuries.

Welcome to and if you ever need anything hit me up anytime im always here to help.


Oh and I’m 5’10", guess that would have helped


Im also 5’10 226 this morning but im getting heavy I would be really lean around 215 but injuries I haven’t been doing well so I swelled up to 235 working on bringing it back down


It looks like you changed your account to an anon account you can post anon if needed but once im going to change your posts back to your original account.
I might need to send you an email reset


Welcome to UGM brother!


What’s up brother welcom


That would explain why my username switch to numbers. I’m not sure how that happened it’s not something I wanted to do but it looks like it switched back now so if you did that thank you.


Im going to send you a reset email


Welcome to the board.