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Hey guys and gals. I’m new to the forum. I’m thinking of running my first cycle and have been led here by my research. Been lifting and eating clean for 9 years. Doctor put me on trt 3 years ago and I have made solid gains since then but now I’m thinking it’s time to take it a step further. I really want to compete in a bodybuilding show by the time I’m 35.
Here’s my stats.
30 years old, 218lbs 10 percent BF
I eat around 2900 clean calories a day for maintenance and usually do a 40 pro 40 carb 20 fat daily though I do some intermittent fasting occasionally to stir things up.
I’m looking forward to learning from you guys and growing into this. Looking into a test/low dose tbol for my first cycle eventually. Look forward to talking to you all soon!


Welcome to the board.


Welcome !!!


Welcome bro.


Thanks guys. Already thinking about doing some ordering from the verified sources page. I’m pretty damn excited. Looking to be bigger and stronger for the Arnold next year!


Welcome brother … learning is guaranteed here


welcome to UGM !


welcome to the family


Great to have you my man! We are all hear to help with any questions you may have. Its a true family here so never be hesitant if you need anything :facepunch:t2: Im a sponsored athlete with United Gear who is a verified source here. Take a look at his list he will surely take care of all your needs just click on his link at top of page. Best of luck brotha :wink: