New guy in town


What’s up bros. New to the board but not new to the game. Been on the boards since 05. Thanks to omni for telling me about this place. Been on a few times looking but finally had time to make a intro. Board looks good. Thanks for having me


Welcome to UGM it’s good to have you I’m glad omni brought you around. If you ever need anything hit me up questions about the site how did navigate I’m here to help always.


Will do brother thanks. Not the vbulletins I’m use to but I’m messing around and learning. Will def. Hit you up if I have any questions or problems


Welcome to UGM Brother! - UNITED


Welcome bro. This format has alot of advantages over VB. Once you try it, it catches on.


Welcome bro.


Welcome to UGM brother!


Welcome to UGM, friend !


Welcome to the board


Welcome Bro glad to have you


Welcome bro glad to have you! This board is amazing with so many awesome perps ready to help you in any way we can!


I meant peeps not perps lmao!!